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One of the reasons for why people in Cowdenbeath may feel reluctant about entering an alcohol or drug rehab is that they prefer their own company and do not feel comfortable around other people. This type of preference for solitude is common among people who have been addicted to alcohol or drugs in for a long time. The individual may be a natural loner or in a lot of cases the person will have decided to hide from the world in order to hide their addictive behaviour. If people allow this preference for solitude to stop them from getting the type of addiction help they need it may mean that they will miss out on some important resources that would have increased the likelihood of them staying sober long term.

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How Loners Can Benefit from Alcohol and Drug Rehabs

It is important that people in Cowdenbeath who would benefit from alcohol and drug rehabs do not allow their preference for solitude to get in the way of the help they need. The individual will be able to enjoy the benefits of this type of facility without it being too much of a struggle by:

  • If the individual can afford a private rehab then this will usually mean that they will have their own private space. In most NHS rehabs the individual can be expected to share a room, but those who go private should get their own room. Of course the individual will not benefit from rehab if they spend all their time alone but having somewhere private to go to at the end of the day can make things easier for the person who prefers solitude.
  • Even though the individual will have to share the facility with other people this does not have to be too much of a hardship. It is only for a short period and the benefits make it well worth it.

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