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It is crucial that people attending rehab are able to learn about relapse triggers so that they will be less likely to relapse once they get home. This is the one lesson in addiction treatment that the individual can suffer greatly for if they miss. Those individuals in Burntisland who are hoping to enter an alcohol or drug rehab need to be sure that they pay attention to this lesson so that they are prepared when they return home to life in Burntisland. Here are some of the most common relapse triggers that the individual needs to be aware of:

  • Loneliness is a common relapse trigger. When people break away from addiction they will usually have to leave their drug using and drinking buddies behind. This means that they will lose their social network. If the individual is not able to replace this with sober friends they will begin to suffer from loneliness, and they can then use this as an excuse to drink.
  • Another common relapse trigger is unrealistic expectations. What happens is that the individual leaves rehab and expects that their life is going to be perfect going forward. They are disappointed to find that there still can be bad days in recovery so they use this as an excuse to relapse.

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  • If people allow themselves to become hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (this is easily remembered by the acronym HALT) they will be more likely to relapse. It is important that people in early recovery in particular try to avoid these states as much as possible. Once the person is more established in recovery they will be better able to handle HALT.
  • Self pity can be a really destructive force for people trying to recover from an addiction. The individual may be using this as a way to set themselves up for a relapse.

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