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Getting Help for Addiction Problems in Fife

If you are dealing with addiction problems you may be struggling to quit. It can be hard to overcome this type of difficulty alone. One of the reasons for why this is the case is that substance abuse reduces a person’s self efficacy for recovery. This means that the person doubts their own ability to quit, and therefore they are unlikely to be able to quit. By getting help the individual will not only be put in contact with the resources they need, but they will also be empowered to use these resources successfully. Ultimately the only person who can end the addiction is the individual, but the right resources will make the process much easier for them.

Barriers to Addiction Recovery

There are certain barriers that can prevent people from recovering from an addiction, and these will include things like:

  • The individual is ambivalent about recovery – this means that they are in two minds about it. Most substance abusers will reach a stage where they can admit that it would be better for them to quit the behaviour, but they can still hold onto the idea that they will be able to enjoy alcohol or drugs in the future. This ambivalence will keep the person from making progress in recovery because they are not really committed to permanent abstinence.
  • The individual refuses to take the steps necessary to end their addiction because they insist on going it alone. If people are able to break away from addiction without help, that is great. If the person is constantly failing in their attempts to go it alone it is time for a change.
  • The person feels unwilling to be honest with themselves or other people. It is vital that the individual is able to be honest in order for them to come to terms with their situation and get the help they need.
  • The individual does not want to give up their addiction lifestyle. They want to continue to spend time with drinking or drug using friends, and visit bars. This means that the person will be likely faced with too much temptation, so there every attempt at recovery is doomed to failure.
  • The person may be prepared to stop drinking or drug using, but they are not prepared to make any other changes to their life. This means that they are back where they started just before they feel into addiction. The likelihood is that they are either going to relapse of fall into new addictive behaviours.
  • The individual is waiting for the right time to arrive before they get help. The reality is that the only right time is now. If the individual waits for some magical time to arrive they will be risking crossing the line to a place of no return.

Stinking Thinking as a Barrier to Recovery

Stinking thinking can be a real threat to those people who are trying to break away from an addiction. Those people in Fife who are currently trying to break away from addiction will want to make sure that they do not fall into this trap of negative thinking. The problem is that this type of behaviour can go unnoticed, and the individual will not realise that they are sabotaging their own success. Once stinking thinking is identified though it becomes easier to deal with.

The Symptoms of Stinking Thinking

In order for people to be able to avoid stinking thinking they will need to be aware of the symptoms which include:

  • Judging other people
  • Having a pessimistic outlook on life
  • Wishing bad things to happen to other people
  • Developing a cynical attitude
  • Engaging in Schadenfruede – this is where people get enjoyment out of hearing about the misfortunes of other people.
  • Becoming defensive
  • Acting secretly
  • Telling lies
  • Behaving in a way that is manipulative
  • Refusing to trust other people

When people trying to recover from an addiction in Fife spot any of these symptoms they will need to take action. If stinking thinking is left unchecked it can drag the person back into addiction or cause them to develop dry drunk syndrome – this is where they are physically sober but act in much the same way as if they were still an addict.

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How to Avoid Stinking Thinking

It is vital to deal with stinking thinking quickly before it can take hold of the person and they get sucked down into negativity. Here are some suggestions for how it can be stopped in its tracks:

  • It is important that people in addiction treatment are on the lookout for the symptoms of excessive negativity. If they have close friends and family then these people will also be able to raise the alarm.
  • The individual should do their best to increase their positive feelings as these will act as an anecdote to negativity. One way of doing this is by developing gratitude on a daily basis. The person should think of all the good things that they enjoy in their life and keep the focus on these. Another effective method for breaking away from negative thinking is to cultivate loving kindness – this is a type of meditation technique that can be learned.
  • By joining some type of recovery fellowship the individual should get feedback on their attitude. Of course the individual will need to share their thoughts in order to get such feedback.

Those people who spend time in alcohol or drug clinics will usually have the best ability to deal with the stinking thinking that can arise in early recovery. These individuals will have the opportunity to learn to spot the symptoms and to develop the tools to overcome it. This is just one of the many advantages of rehab, and anyone in Fife who is considering this path to recovery can contact us here on this site.

12 Step Groups in Fife

Here are some 12 Step groups that may also be of help for people looking for addiction help in Fife:

Alcoholics Anonymous – Twelve by Twelve Meeting – Tuesday 20:00 – The Green Room, All Saints Church, North Castle Street, St Andrews.

Alcoholics Anonymous – Just for Today Meeting – Saturday 11:00 – The Green Room, All Saints Church, North Castle Street, St Andrews.

Alcoholics Anonymous – Lunchtime Meeting – Monday 13:00 – St James Church Hall, The Scores, St Andrews.

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