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The early weeks and months of recovery may be a difficult for those people in Irvinestown who are trying to break away from addiction. Some people will describe this period of early recovery as an emotional rollercoaster. The individual may feel on top of the world one minute and completely down in the dumps the next. The reason for why this happens is that the individual is getting to experience their emotions again after they have been numbed for years by alcohol and drugs. Another reason for the emotional rollercoaster is that the person will need to face many challenges as a result of their addiction treatment.

Surviving the Emotional Rollercoaster of Early Recovery

In order for people trying to break away from addiction in Irvinestown to find success they will need to make it through the emotional rollercoaster of early recovery. This means that they will need to develop coping strategies for the ups and downs that are going to come. It isn’t only the bad times that can be a threat to sobriety. The individual can also develop pink cloud syndrome where they become unreasonably high, and this puts them in danger of relapse. One of the best ways to survive the emotional rollercoaster is to have a firm foundation in recover. This can best happen if the individual spends time in a drug and alcohol treatment centre.

By entering a rehab clinic the person will be in a good place to pick up the tools they need in order to overcome addiction. This type of environment is similar to going to college and by the time the person leaves they will be better able to handle the world. This means that they will not be knocked off course as their emotions begin to thaw after years of being hidden.

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