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Across the UK, problems with alcohol and drug abuse exist everywhere; from large cities such as London to towns like Southend-on-Sea, people are struggling every day with addictions to these chemical substances. Despite this, many of these individuals will never reach out for the help they need to get better. They believe that accessing help from drug or alcohol rehab in Southend-on-Sea will make them appear weak. Some will fear being judged by others or viewed in a negative light and will instead continue with their addictive behaviour.

There are a number of myths that addicts like to believe in because it makes it easier for them to refuse addiction help. Many of these misconceptions will be directed towards what happens when the individual chooses alcohol and drug treatment centres. For the practicing addict this will be the ultimate sell out, and so they are likely to view this as a negative step. Even when the individual feels ready to quit they can continue to hold misconceptions about what happens in alcohol or drug rehab in Southend-on-Sea or other parts of the UK.

It is important that the individual has a realistic understanding of what this type of addiction treatment involves so that they do not just dismiss it out of hand – it could be the one thing that could really help them get their lives back on track. Here at Addiction Helper, we have years of experience helping those struggling with addiction. We know that the best way to achieve long-term sobriety is with the help of professional counsellors and therapists. We have helped many people to access rehab in Southend-on-Sea and other parts of the UK – we want to help you too.

How Misconceptions Prevent People from Accessing Rehab in Southend-on-Sea

There are many reasons affected individuals fail to access help from providers of alcohol or drug rehab in Southend-on-Sea. It is often the case that their misconceptions prevent them from reaching out for help. Being unable to get past these fallacies could be the difference between life and death. It is important that you know the truth regarding drug and alcohol rehab in Southend-on-Sea as this could help you to overcome your addiction once and for all.

Here are just a few misconceptions that people living in your area, and considering rehab, might have:

  • One criticism of these facilities is that there are examples of people who went through these programs but later relapsed back to addiction. The reality is that this is not really the fault of the rehab as all this type of facility can do is offer t he individual the tools they need to stay sober. It is always going to be up to the individual to make the best use of these tools. By going to rehab the individual will have the best chance at recovery, but this does not mean that they will not squander this opportunity.
  • Another wrong idea about rehab that people may have is that it is like some type of prison. This ignores the fact that the individual will usually choose to enter this type of program, and they agree to stick by the rules. Some of these facilities are of the same standard as 5 star hotels – those people who can afford to go private can choose this option.

Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Southend-on-Sea Something You Need?

It is common for those affected by addiction to believe they are not in need of help. In fact, denial of the problem is something that we encounter on a daily basis. Alcohol and drugs change the way the brain functions, so many of those with addiction are unable to think clearly or make logical decisions.

We know from experience that family members and friends often find it extremely difficult to comprehend why their loved one continues to abuse drugs or alcohol when it is causing such obvious negative consequences.

The reality is that those affected are unable to quit, even if they want to. Many find it easier to deny the problem exists than to admit it and have to reach out for help. Others fear they will fail if they attempt rehab in Southend-on-Sea or another part of the UK and would rather never try than attempt and fail.

If you are ready to commit to a programme of rehab, we can tell you that your chances of success are quite high. With the right attitude and a willingness to make the necessary changes in your life, you could soon be looking forward to a long and sober life with your loved ones.

We encourage you now to think about your drug and alcohol use and to be completely honest when doing so. Have you been drinking more alcohol recently? Have you been taking more drugs than you used to? Do you often feel guilty about your substance use or try to hide it from loved ones? If so, then you may be in need of rehab. If you are unsure if your situation warrants professional help, give us a call. We can help you by providing a fully comprehensive assessment of your situation. This will allow us and you to get a clearer understanding of your needs, enabling us to recommend a suitable provider if appropriate.


Featured Southend-on-Sea Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

How Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Southend-on-Sea Could Change Your Life

If you dream of a substance-free life, then let us help. Every day you delay is a day that you will never get back. The longer you abuse substances such as drugs or alcohol, the worse your situation will become. Substance abuse is a major contributor to poor mental and physical health and can even lead to premature death.

However, by reaching out for help now, you could reverse much of the damage that has been done and you could start to live the life you have dreamed of for so long. Call Addiction Helper today for more information on how rehab could change your life for the better.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Southend-on-Sea:

Great Wakering

Alcoholics Anonymous
Bradbury Centre, 103-107 York Road, SS1 2DL
Saturday, 10:30
Great Wakering

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