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There are a number of reasons for why people might enter alcohol and drug treatment centres yet fail to sustain lasting sobriety. It is important that anyone in Brentwood who is considering this type of facility should be aware of these reasons for relapse so they can avoid them. This way they will be able to get the most out of their time in rehab. With drug and alcohol rehab in Brentwood, you will learn the reasons you became addicted in the first place as well as working closely with professional counsellors and staff to overcome these issues and move on to a long and healthy sober life.

The most common mistake that people make when entering alcohol or drug rehab in Brentwood, or anywhere else for that matter, is to believe that by going to a detox centre it will mean that they are going to be cured. The individual believes that by stopping alcohol or drugs their problems are over, but this is rarely the case. The reasons for why the individual fell into addiction in the first place will still be there and unless the person deals with these they will be likely to relapse or fall into other maladaptive behaviours.

Here at Addiction Helper, we have seen many clients fall victim to this way of thinking. It is important to address not only the physical aspect of the addiction with a detox but also to address the psychological issues, which can only take place with rehab in Brentwood and beyond.

If you are ready to take the next steps on the road to recovery, let us help you. We can put you in touch with a suitable rehab provider in your area where you will get the help and support you need to overcome your illness for good.

The Importance of Comprehensive Rehab in Brentwood

Another reason for why people fail is that they are not prepared for the transition from rehab to home. This is usually because they have not arranged for sufficient aftercare. There are good options for continued support in all areas of the UK once the individual returns home, and it is important that the person makes use of these resources.

A comprehensive rehab programme is the best way to ensure long-lasting sobriety. With a supervised detox programme followed by drug or alcohol rehab in Brentwood, you will be well on your way to a clean and healthy sober life. However, you must not forget about aftercare. Those who do complete a detox and rehabilitation programme will be vulnerable to a relapse without continued support.

Studies have shown that the first twelve months after rehab is the time when most recovering addicts are susceptible to relapse. For that reason, it is vital that you take advantage of any aftercare options provided by your rehab clinic. There are also other resources available such as local support groups, where you will be able to meet with other recovering addicts for support and inspiration to stay on the right track.

Is Commitment Necessary during Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Brentwood?

Some people will not be fully committed to recovery, and this is the real reason for why they will fail. Those individuals who are ambivalent about sobriety are going to be easily knocked off course. The fact that the person has not completely given up on the idea of being able to use alcohol and drugs again means that they will be tempted to relapse as soon as things get hard. Unless the person really wants to recover from their addiction the chances are that they will be unable to do so.

It is often a struggle for family members and friends when they can clearly see that their loved one is suffering from addiction but is unable or unwilling to reach out for help. Many of our clients come to us initially because they have been pressured into doing so by concerned loved ones.

We often hear from individuals who do not really believe they are in need of our help and are only getting in touch to prove to their family members that they do not actually require our services. We can tell you that the majority of these individuals soon realise that they could benefit from alcohol or drug rehab in Brentwood or other parts of the UK.

It is rare for loved ones to worry about a family member or friend unnecessarily. It is far more common for loved ones to be able to see the problem long before the user can. If your family members or friends have expressed concerns about your drinking or drug taking, we urge you to take them seriously. Failure to do this could mean your life will quickly spiral out of control and you may find it difficult to quit.

Featured Brentwood Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

How Does Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Brentwood Help?

If you have noticed that you have been drinking more alcohol or taking drugs more frequently than you used to, it could be that you have built up a tolerance to the effects of these chemical substances. You may even have a physical dependence that you are unaware of because you have never tried to quit.

Alcohol and drug abuse can lead to a host of problems including poor mental and physical health, financial struggles, and relationship problems. By tackling the problem now, you could start to gain control of your life once more before things deteriorate further.

We urge you right now to get in touch with us here at Addiction Helper. Speaking to one of our advisors will help you to get a clearer picture of whether you are in need of rehab in Brentwood or not. We can offer sound advice and information on the various options for treatment in your area and can put you in touch with a provider should you wish to move on to treatment. Call us today for more information on our free and confidential service.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Brentwood:

Chipping Ongar

Alcoholics Anonymous
Parish Hall, corner Orchard Lane/Ongar Rd, CM15 9RD
Sunday, 16:00
Chipping Ongar

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