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Looking out over East Riding reveals a landscape at the mercy of the elements. From the gently rolling plateau of the Wolds area to the vast North Sea coastline to the east and south, East Riding is all about land and water. It is a region that is dominated by agriculture and tourism, with few towns and cities to call home. Yet that does not mean East Riding does not experience some of the same kinds of problems present in other parts of England.

One problem, drug and alcohol use, does have a home in this otherwise peaceful and tranquil region. There are those in East Riding who battle every day with substance abuse and addiction problems, people who need the kind of help we offer. If you find yourself in such a position, we want to come alongside and help you find a treatment that can make you whole.

Our free and confidential services make it possible for you to find treatment for a full range of substances and addictive behaviours. We can help you with the beginning stages of alcohol abuse, a full-blown addiction to prescription medications or illegal drugs, or even behavioural addictions such as compulsive gambling. Substance abuse and addiction of all kinds can be treated using similar therapies because they all work essentially the same way.

Use, Abuse, and Addiction

Have you ever run into someone who was completely sober one day and a full-blown addict the next? Neither have we. Addiction is not something that occurs instantaneously. In fact, it does not even occur over a few days or weeks. Developing an addiction is a long-term process that takes months. And no matter what your addiction is, it always begins with that first experience.

Every alcoholic started down the path to dependence by taking that first drink. Every heroin addict arrived at the place of addiction by taking that first hit months or years earlier. Every gambling addict placed his/her first bet, and every prescription meds addict popped that first pill. That is how addiction works. Recovery from addiction works much the same way.

Overcoming substance abuse and addiction begin with a single decision to admit a problem exists. This first step of acknowledgement is to recovery what that first drink or hit is to developing an addiction. Once you make the choice to seek treatment, the other pieces begin to fall into place. Over the course of several weeks, you can become completely substance-free followed by learning how to live that way permanently.

How do you know if you are addicted? There are some very definite signs of addiction we can discuss with you when you contact us. Nevertheless, to give you a general idea of how this works, consider the three stages of alcohol abuse and dependence:

  • Problem Drinking – A problem drinker is someone who occasionally exceeds the government’s recommended intake volumes for alcohol. This person is not routinely drunk. He or she rarely binge drinks, and yet alcohol is still a very important factor in the overall enjoyment of life. We tend to call these sorts of problem drinkers ‘social drinkers’.
  • Alcohol Abuse – Alcohol abuse goes beyond social drinking and occasionally exceeding government limits. It is characterised by frequent binge drinking as well as using alcohol as a coping mechanism in social situations or when one is under pressure. The alcohol abuser exceeds recommended intake levels several times per week. Binge drinking at least once a month is also characteristic.
  • Alcohol Dependence – A person who is dependent on alcohol (a.k.a. an alcoholic) consumes significant amounts of alcohol every single day. This person cannot function without drinking; he or she may also believe that drinking is the only thing getting them through the day. The alcoholic’s life is completely controlled by drinking.

As you can see, it is possible to have trouble with drugs or alcohol without being completely addicted. The key is to recognise trouble at its earliest stages so that treatment can be sought to prevent addiction from forming. Once an addictive habit has been established, it can be very difficult to overcome.

Difficult Does Not Mean Impossible

Your struggle with alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviour is not unique. There are people spread all across the UK dealing with the same problems you are dealing with. Please understand that although your struggle against substance abuse or addiction is not easy, overcoming is also not impossible. Living an addiction-free life is possible through a treatment and recovery programme that incorporates:

  • Detox – Cleansing your the body of the influence of chemicals.
  • Rehab Therapy – Clearing your mind of the effects of being hooked on drugs or alcohol.
  • Aftercare – Preventing relapse by taking advantage of support services.

The three-phase process of recovery is standard despite the fact that different clinics implement it using different therapies. Anyone who is fully addicted to a substance or behaviour needs all three in order to maximise his or her chances of success. Rarely does detox alone work for the persistent addict.

Using alcohol as an example again, consider the alcoholic who has been drinking uninterrupted for five or six years. His addiction is so strong that it now completely controls everything from body function to thought processes. Undergoing alcohol detox will certainly break the physical addiction to alcohol, but it will do nothing for the mind. At the first sign of pressure or discomfort, the individual is almost guaranteed to go back to

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around East Riding:


Alcoholics Anonymous
Church Rooms, Trinity Methodist Church, 43 Clifton Gardens, DN14 6AR
Wednesday, 19:30


Alcoholics Anonymous
Methodist Church, Hallgate, HU16 4BD
Friday, 20:00

Featured East Riding Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Residential Treatment

When you call our 24-hour helpline, we will provide a comprehensive assessment that will help you understand where you are in your current situation. We will also recommend the most appropriate treatment options for you or your situation. You should know that we prefer residential treatment through a private clinic because it offers the greatest chances of success.

Residential treatment provides all three phases described above. Most of the clinics we work with offer a 7-10-day detox that is both medically supervised and, when appropriate, medicated. Doctors and nurses continuously monitor patients to ensure their overall good health throughout the process.

Following detox is a period of between 3 and 12 weeks of rehabilitative therapy. This is where the real work of recovery is done. Therapists use a variety of means to help recovering clients discover the roots of addiction so that these can be addressed both practically and effectively. It is the rehabilitative therapy that helps to reclaim the mind of the addict. The mind reclaimed is able to see things clearly as the client progresses through therapy.

The final step of aftercare is implemented following the completion of a residential rehab programme. Statistics show that recovering addicts who participate in aftercare are significantly less likely to relapse. We believe in the importance of aftercare, as do the clinics we work with.

Our free and confidential services are available to anyone in East Riding regardless of age, ethnicity, or religion. We are committed to helping all who contact us through our website or our 24-hour helpline. We urge you to get in touch with us if you need help overcoming drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviour.