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When people go looking for drug and alcoholic help in East Linton they will be faced by a number of different options. Unfortunately there is yet no one recovery option that seems to work for everyone. The best choice of recovery option for the individual will depend on the nature of their addiction, and their own personality type. Some people do well with something like rehab followed by long term attendance at fellowship meetings while other people seem to do best with rehab and therapy. It is important to keep in mind that there is no right answer here – only what works best for the person.

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Reasons for Relapse

One of the fears that people in East Linton are likely to have when they try to break away from addiction is that they will later relapse. This would mean that they will have put in a great deal of effort into becoming sober but still ended up back where they started. There are common reasons for why people tend to relapse and so long as the individual avoids these they should be fine. The most frequent causes of relapse after drug and alcohol rehab include:

  • The individual was not really serious about ending their addiction. They were trying to get sober to please other people and did not feel fully committed.
  • The person was not prepared for the transition from rehab to home. This mean that they were not able to handle the stress involved and they turned to alcohol and drugs for comfort.
  • The individual only gave up alcohol and drugs but did not take any more steps to end the addiction.  Just stopping the abuse is rarely enough to ensure recovery because the individual will still be left dealing with the things that drove them to alcohol and drug abuse in the first place.

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