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Getting Help from Addiction Problems in East Lothian

If you suspect that your life could be a bit better without alcohol or drugs, it makes sense that you do some experimentation. It could just be that you have fallen into a habit of overdoing it with alcohol, but you will be able to regain your control. If you try to control your intake but fail, this will be a sign that you have a more serious problem. The chances are that you have developed a physical and psychological dependence on these substances and you will need some help in order to stop. This type of help is available in East Lothian for those who need it.

What is Addiction?

The word “addiction” tends to be overused so much in common speech that it has lost some of its meaning. People will jokingly say they are addicted to things or activities but what they really mean is that they like to do these things a lot. In realty addiction does not mean that a person likes something a lot – it means that they feel the need to do something even though it is obviously causing them harm. Another way to describe addiction would be to say that it involves a physical as well as psychological dependence. The fact that the person is physically dependent means that they have developed tolerance for these substances (they need to use more to get the same effect), and that they will suffer withdrawal symptoms should they try to stop or significantly reduce their intake. Psychological addiction means that the person experiences cravings, and they will feel unable to cope unless they have these substances.

The Solution to Addiction Problems

The only real solution to addiction problems is permanent abstinences. It does not matter how long the individual remains off these substances, they will never again be able to use these substances safely once they have developed a dependency. Even if the individual remains sober for 20 years, they will still return to where they left off as soon as they pick up again. In fact the individual will probably be in a worse situation than they were 20 years previously because their body will be less able to handle the abuse. Those individuals who are serious about escaping their addiction problems will need to choose permanent abstinence as their goal.

Comeback from Addiction

No matter how far the individual has fallen as a result of their addiction they will usually be able to make a comeback so long as they are willing to give up alcohol and drugs. So long as the addict holds onto the idea that they can one day drink or use drugs safely it will prevent them from settling into long term recovery. This is because they will not be fully committed to this goal. Those people in East Lothian who are currently trying to overcome an addiction should eradicate any ambivalence they might have in order to achieve success.

Featured East Lothian Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Choosing Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres to End Addiction

In order to successfully break away from addiction it can be a great help if the person is willing to consider drug and alcohol treatment centres. These facilities are a good choice because it puts the focus fully on overcoming this problem. For the length of time that they are in rehab the client will not have to worry about their normal concerns and demands. All their attention will be where it needs to be – on breaking away from substance abuse. The fact that the person gives so much attention to the problem increases the chances of overcoming it.

There are also other good reasons for why people in East Lothian should consider this type of treatment program including:

  • By staying in this type of facility the individual will be spending all their time with other people who are on a similar path. There can be a great sense of fellowship in these facilities as people help each other along. There is a myth that this type of program can be a bit boring, but the reality is that there is usually a great deal of fun and laughter taking place.
  • The fact that the person is in this type of facility means that they will have access to addiction specialists and therapists every day of their stay. This means that they will have the opportunity to learn more about their condition and how to overcome it. The aim of these professionals is not to tell the individual what to do but to work with them in order to achieve the goal of sobriety.
  • The client in a rehabilitation centre will have access to most of the resources they will need in order to begin rebuilding their life. This means that by the time the person is ready to go home they will be in a good position to get on with their life. Of course it will always be up to the individual to make use of these resources during their stay in rehab.
  • Part of the work of this type of program is for the individual to get to understand themselves a bit better. These insights should mean that the person is better able to move forward in their life towards happiness and self fulfilment. If the person can get to the root of their addiction they will be less likely to relapse later.

Life in Recovery

Once the person leaves rehab they will be ready to begin living the rest of their life. It is vital that the individual does not look upon leaving rehab as the end of their journey into recovery because it is only really the start. In order to progress in their journey into lasting recovery the individual will have plenty more work ahead of them. In order to do this work they are going to need a program of living and plenty of support. This support can come from a recovery fellowship or just good friends. The most important thing is that the individual understand that their future is in their own hands, and it will be up to them to make the most of things.

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