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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centres in Pendle

People struggling with substance misuse in Pendle have access to both public and private services through a range of providers. If you are someone in need of help, rest assured that alcohol and drug rehab in Pendle is similar to that which you will find anywhere else in the UK.

The idea behind rehab is to help those struggling with drugs or alcohol stop using and develop ways to combat future temptations to use. Rehab is something the medical community has been doing for decades now, and quite successfully in many areas. Modern treatments are based on the latest knowledge we possess in the field of substance misuse and addiction. Here at Addiction Helper, we want to encourage you to seek out drug and alcohol rehab in Pendle if you need it. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Rehab in Pendle – a Multi-Stage Process

Our purpose in this article is to explain how drug and alcohol rehab works. It is typically a multi-stage process designed to address both the physical and psychological aspects of substance abuse. For the individual, the specific kinds of treatments required depend on a whole host of circumstances. Therefore, it is not possible for us to lay out a detailed treatment process that would be the same for every person.

Based on a general assumption of long-term addiction to alcohol or an addictive drug like heroin or amphetamine, the four stages of treatment are generally as follows:

  1. Assessment/Diagnosis – Before anyone begins drug or alcohol rehab in Pendle, a professional assessment and diagnosis are necessary. Why? So that therapists can design treatment plans that will be effective. There is no way to know how to treat an individual substance abuser until the extent of the problem is understood.
  1. Supervised Detox – A person who has been diagnosed as an addict will require medically supervised detox. This treatment serves the purpose of separating the individual from his or her substances in order to allow the body to physically cleanse itself of the chemicals within.
  1. Rehab Therapy – After the body has been cleansed of addictive substances, therapists turn their attentions to the mind. Rehab therapy addresses the mind the same way detox addresses the body. Depending on the severity of an individual’s problem, rehab can last between 3 and 12 weeks.
  1. Aftercare – Aftercare picks up where detox and rehab therapy leave off. It is a collection of services offered to those in recovery as a means of preventing relapse.

Again, this is just a generic overview of the rehab process. Therapists customise rehab plans according to individual needs, so your case may be different.

What Is Residential Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Pendle Like?

You might be wondering what residential treatment for drugs and alcohol is like. We can tell you that residential treatment is one of the best situations to be in if you need professional help for substance abuse. Residential facilities provide a safe and secure environment along with medical professionals and support staff wholly dedicated to the recovery of every patient.

As a patient, you would have either a private or shared room in a comfortable facility that affords the necessary privacy. You would attend treatment sessions either on-site or at a separate facility (transportation would be provided). In the evenings, you would share meals with your fellow patients along with activities designed to encourage recovery.

What Is Outpatient Rehab in Pendle Like?

Sometimes a client’s problem is not severe enough to require residential treatment. For example, we might assist an alcohol abuser whom doctors believe would be just fine with an outpatient programme. By the way, outpatient alcohol rehab is readily available to anyone who needs it.

Be that as it may, the typical day in outpatient rehab involves visiting the rehab centre at a set time in the morning. Patients usually gather for a bit of group support before breaking off to receive individual counselling from therapists. Throughout the course of the day, facility staff combine one-on-one counselling, group counselling, and structured activities to help patients understand and overcome their challenges. At the end of the day, everyone goes home.

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What Happens after Rehab?

Whether a patient undergoes residential or outpatient rehab, particular needs will have to be met after the completion of a formal treatment programme. Those needs are met with something known as aftercare. As mentioned earlier, aftercare is designed to pick up where formal treatment leaves off. A typical aftercare programme extends services to clients for up to 12 months.

Aftercare services usually include support group participation, additional counselling, life skills training, and mentoring. Some treatment clinics also offer job skills training and employment assistance. In such cases, the idea is to help those in recovery return to a productive place in society, a place where they can contribute and feel valued.

Are You Ready to Commit to Rehab?

In this article, we have described the basics of how drug and alcohol rehab in Pendle work. We want to close by letting you know there is one more thing to consider: your commitment to getting well. The common denominator in all of the things we have talked about thus far is your willingness to commit yourself to rehab.

No drug or alcohol rehab can help you if you don’t truly want to be helped. With that said, are you ready to commit to rehab? If so, Addiction Helper is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice. You need only contact us by telephone, e-mail or via this website.

We are here to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, followed by recommendations for treatment programmes and facilities. We have access to treatments throughout Lancashire and across the UK. We should have no trouble finding a good rehab in Pendle that would benefit you tremendously. And if not locally, there are other facilities and programmes available regionally.

If you want to know more, contact us at Addiction Helper right away.

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