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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centres in Clitheroe

Substance misuse continues to be a hot topic in Clitheroe, as well as throughout Lancashire and the rest of the UK. We constantly hear stories about young people getting hooked on drugs and alcohol while their parents are struggling with their own issues. Sometimes it can seem as though we have no hope. But there is hope. Anyone struggling with substance misuse or abuse can access alcohol and drug rehab in Clitheroe.

Rehab is about helping substance abusers take their lives back by way of medical treatments administered by professionals. With the right kind of help and support, the person undergoing drug and alcohol rehab can overcome his or her internal demons and go on to live a full and productive life. We know what can be accomplished at Addiction Helper; we have seen it first-hand.

Why is rehab so important? Because drugs and alcohol devastate lives. They destroy the lives of those who use them, along with the lives of family members and friends. Rehab is often the only course of action substance abusers can take to end the devastation.

Substance Misuse and Rehab in Clitheroe

The medical community has classified substance misuse under several categories. The least severe problems involve recreational use of alcohol and drugs that have not yet reached the level of abuse or addiction. These problems are still significant enough to be dealt with professionally. Rehab centres in the area help people misusing drugs and alcohol every day. Their strategy is one of preventing misuse from eventually becoming abuse or addiction.

People with more severe problems may enter drug rehab in Clitheroe because they know they are substance abusers. These are individuals who have progressed from minor substance misuse to a situation in which they are purposely abusing substances – for whatever reason. They are just a few steps from full-blown addiction.

Finally, there are those substance abusers who have reached a state of dependence. These users are known as addicts, whether their substance of choice is alcohol, an illicit drug, or one of the many so-called legal highs now plaguing the UK. The person who is truly addicted needs to seek out drug or alcohol rehab in Clitheroe.

Resolving Family Issues with Alcohol Rehab in Clitheroe

Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug around the world. Here in the UK, some estimates suggest that as many as 7% of adults show at least some signs of alcohol misuse or abuse. Unfortunately, substance abuse doesn’t harm just the abusers. It also harms family members as well.

Misuse and abuse of alcohol often lead to the following:

  • Broken family relationships that may include physical, mental, or emotional abuse
  • Ruined finances (i.e., lost jobs, severe indebtedness)
  • Gradually declining physical health (liver disease, heart problems, etc.)
  • A complete loss of hope and purpose.

One of the most devastating effects of alcohol abuse is that it prevents a person from thinking rationally. Alcohol has a very definite effect on the way the brain functions, changing a person’s perspective and sense of reality. Someone dependent on alcohol is likely to be in a situation in which constant drinking prevents nearly all hope of rational thinking.

The good news is that alcohol rehab can help the alcoholic stop drinking if he or she really wants to. And with a commitment to rehab and aftercare, the recovering alcoholic can remain sober permanently.

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Crime and Drug Rehab in Clitheroe

All the family-related issues involved with alcohol abuse are also linked with drug abuse. But abusing illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine have additional societal effects that addicts have to come to grips with. Take crime, for example. Statistics show that in areas where drug abuse is rampant, crime rates tend to be higher.

Here’s what you need to know: illicit drugs are both addictive and expensive. Once a person starts down the road of drug addiction, he or she begins to focus all his/her financial resources on feeding the habit. When the money runs out, he or she has to get it from somewhere. Some addicts beg from family members and friends, others turn to things such as prostitution, and still others resort to crime.

Drug rehab in Clitheroe is designed to bring an end to this cycle by enabling the drug addict to stop taking drugs and get his/her life straightened out. Fortunately, we have recently begun seeing a willingness among law enforcement and the court system to address drug-related crimes differently. Courts are more willing than ever before to allow addicts to go through rehab programmes rather than face jail time.

Having said that, wouldn’t it be better for the drug abuser to voluntarily seek rehab treatment before getting into trouble with the law? Absolutely. That opportunity is exactly what drug rehab offers.

Is There Residential Rehab in Clitherhoe

Alcohol and drug abusers need professional help more often than not. Why? Because substance abuse and addiction are problems with medical implications that are nearly impossible to overcome without some sort of assistance. Outpatient and residential rehab clinics exist for this very reason.

We have seen time and again how unsuccessful people are when trying to overcome drugs or alcohol on their own. Attempting to quit without professional assistance is most challenging for full-blown addicts, especially given the power of withdrawal symptoms to drive a person right back to drinking or using.

If you or a loved one is misusing drugs or alcohol, now is the time to do something about it. Get help now, before misuse becomes abuse or addiction.

If you are already abusing or addicted, we urge you to contact us on our 24-hour helpline. We can help you access drug or alcohol rehab in Clitheroe right away. The rehab clinics we work with are more than capable of arranging admission quickly – you will not have to wait weeks or months to begin treatment.

Please get in touch with us today. Our services are completely free and absolutely confidential.

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