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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centres in Blackburn

Imagine a person in Blackburn who has been heavily drinking and using drugs for years. Should that person decide it is time to get well, there are a lot of things that should be addressed in order to accomplish that goal. Not only does the physical body have to be dealt with, but the mind and emotions must also be addressed too. Therefore, drug and alcohol rehab in Blackburn is more than just detox.

What many people do not understand is that drugs and alcohol affect the mind and emotions just as much as the body. With some drugs, the mental and emotional effects are even more severe than the physical. LSD is an excellent example. While the physical addiction to LSD can be treated with detox, recovering addicts can still have mental and emotional problems for years following. Alcohol and drug rehab in Blackburn are intended to address the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – to mitigate as many of the long-term effects of substance abuse as possible.

When Detox Is Not Enough – Seek Rehab in Blackburn

After years of helping clients and their families find an appropriate rehab in the Blackburn area, we have come to understand the fundamental truth of overcoming drugs and alcohol: detox is often not enough to enable a substance abuser to recover fully. Detox is just a first step on the road to recovery that also includes a range of additional therapies that help recovering addicts regain control of their thoughts and emotions.

This is essentially what detox does:

  • Detox reduces the volume of chemical substances in the body
  • Reducing the volume of chemicals enables the body to begin cleansing itself
  • As the body cleanses itself, it readjusts to functioning without chemicals
  • Once the body is chemical-free, it can eventually return to normal function.

You’ll notice that all the things detox accomplishes relate only to the body. This is because detox only addresses the physical. Now, it is true that physical changes to the brain cause drug and alcohol abusers to think in ways they otherwise would not, but restoring the brain to normal function seldom counteracts inappropriate thoughts and emotions. These have to be addressed by other means.

Drug Rehab Leads to Lifelong Changes

We help clients who choose to only undergo physical detox. We respect their decisions in the knowledge that each client must choose for him or herself. But more often than not, undergoing detox alone does not accomplish the kinds of mental and emotional changes necessary for long-term abstinence. Full rehab does.

Drug rehab in Blackburn leads to lifelong changes by teaching those in recovery different ways of thinking. Rehab helps recovering addicts identify and avoid the kinds of things that trigger addictive behaviour. It helps them to adopt a new outlook on life, an outlook that leads to a full, productive and happy life without the continued influence of drugs or alcohol. A full rehab programme can help clients reach goals they set for their:

  • family relationships
  • jobs and careers
  • long-term financial health.

We have seen more than one family reunited after having been broken by drugs or alcohol. We have seen clients return to the workforce, become productive employees, and advance their careers in ways that never would have been possible without rehab.

Featured Blackburn Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Who Is Suited for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Anyone with a substance abuse problem is a good candidate for drug and alcohol rehab in Blackburn. However, the seriousness of one’s substance abuse problem will determine the level of care needed. More serious problems require more aggressive detox and rehab therapies; less serious problems may require rehab therapies only.

There is no substance abuser so far gone that he or she cannot be treated. That means that you or a loved one is suited for drug and alcohol rehab if either of you has a substance abuse problem at any level. If you need detox, we can help you access it. We can also help you find a rehab programme that coincides with detox so that you don’t address the physical aspects of substance abuse without addressing the mind and emotions.

How Is Rehab in Blackburn Regulated and Monitored

We want you to be comfortable in the choices you make about detox and rehab. To that end, rest assured that the providers we work with are all regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England, or another appropriate government agency elsewhere in the UK.

Furthermore, detox and rehab programmes are monitored by medical professionals tasked with ensuring the well-being and safety of every client. Trained and licenced therapists devise and conduct psychotherapeutic treatments after medically supervised detox is complete, working with support staff throughout the client’s treatment regimen.

You may be able to visit the rehab centre of your choice prior to admission if you would like to see for yourself whether it’s a good fit or not. We cannot guarantee this in every situation because private clinics operate differently, but it never hurts to ask before committing.

Should You Enter Rehab in Blackburn?

In closing this piece, we want to encourage you to consider your own situation right now. Whether you have a substance abuse problem or you are thinking of someone else you care about, detox alone may not be enough to ensure complete wellness. Very few people with substance abuse issues can manage permanent abstinence without undergoing psychotherapeutic rehab in addition to detox.

The counsellors here at Addiction Helper can explain detox and rehab in detail. They can help you understand what rehab is all about, why it is so important, and what you can expect should you choose to undergo detox only. We will never force you to undergo any particular kind of treatment, but we do want you to be fully informed so that you can make an intelligent decision. Please understand that choosing a detox-only programme without knowing the details about rehab is not in your best interests.

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