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In the town of Gateshead, substance abuse and addiction are major problems for many individuals. Alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medication are all used to excess by many people, and they are suffering as a result. Those who abuse these substances can find themselves struggling with poor mental and physical health, unemployment, financial issues, problems with their relationships and even the risk of premature death. It is therefore vital that services such as drug and alcohol rehab in Gateshead can be quickly and easily accessed by anyone who needs it.

If you are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please know that help is available by way of alcohol or drug rehab in Gateshead. If you are ready to admit to having a problem and are willing to make necessary changes to your life, we can help you. We are a free referral service helping affected individuals in all areas of the UK to find the right programme for their needs. We want to help you too.

If you are wondering why you might need a service such as ours, please know that we can make the job of finding rehab in Gateshead much easier. You do not have to spend hours and hours searching for a treatment provider that meets your needs when all you need to do is contact us and we will get to work on your behalf straight away. This will save you valuable time and hassle and could mean you get started on the road to recovery in as little as a couple of days.

Are You in Need of Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Gateshead?

It can be extremely tough to come to terms with the fact that your use of drugs or alcohol has spiralled out of control. For those who have never touched an illegal substance in their lives, it can be even harder. Most people just do not see the link between alcohol and prescription medication with problems such as addiction.

Negative stereotyping of addiction can also impact on a person’s ability to see a need for drug or alcohol rehab in Gateshead. For example, if an individual has always believed that an alcoholic is drunk from the moment he or she gets up, they will find it hard to believe that you can be classed as an alcoholic otherwise.

But in reality, addiction affects people in different ways. The person who does not drink as soon as he or she wakes up but who loses all control whenever he or she does drink could also have an alcohol addiction and might need help. Similarly, the person who has developed a physical dependence on prescription medication could be just in need of drug rehab in Gateshead as the individual who is addicted to an illegal substance such as heroin.

Addiction is not so much about the substance but more about how little control a person has over his or her use of that substance. And when use of drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol begins to interfere with daily life, it can be classed as an addiction. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you might need help, so we invite you to call us right now.

What a Programme of Rehab Could Mean for You

Your life has probably been heading downhill for a while now – this tends to be the case when addiction to alcohol or drugs takes hold. When the illness progresses, the situation can get even worse. Poor health is a big problem for those who abuse drugs or alcohol regularly. There are many different mental and physical illnesses that are associated with substance abuse and without treatment, these problems will get worse. Long-term abusers of alcohol and drugs could find themselves struggling with illnesses such as kidney disease, heart disease, and liver disease. Substance abuse has also been linked to some forms of cancer.

Your relationships with loved ones may also have been suffering lately. It is difficult to keep relationships on a good footing when all you can think about is the substance you are craving. This is not your fault, but it can be difficult for family members and friends to understand why you continue to abuse alcohol or drugs when doing so is having such negative consequences for yourself and them.

By accessing rehab in Gateshead, you can look forward to a life where substance abuse is no longer an issue. Your health will improve when you are no longer abusing alcohol or drugs, and you can learn how to rebuild bridges with family members and friends.

What to Expect from Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Gateshead?

If you have decided that you want to end your addiction for good, please call us. We can fully assess your situation to determine how severe your illness is before matching you to a suitable provider of detox and rehabilitation.

Addiction is usually split into two elements: a physical and a psychological addiction. The physical addiction is treated with a detox programme, where the bond between yourself and the substance will be broken. When this has been done, you can work on your psychological addiction in a programme of either inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation.

Inpatient rehab takes place in a clinic where you will stay for around six to eight weeks. You will spend most of each day in treatment for your addiction. This might take place in one-on-one sessions with a counsellor or therapist, or in a group setting with other recovering addicts.

Inpatient clinics are distraction-free environments where patients have no access to any temptations or triggers. They have no choice but to focus on their recovery and nothing else. The approach to recovery is slightly different with an outpatient programme because the patient does not stay in the clinic and hence must deal with daily life while also tackling his or her recovery.

Featured Gateshead Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

What Do Addiction Experts Advise?

Most experts agree that inpatient programmes are the best option for those with a severe addiction, but everyone can benefit from this type of treatment. Nevertheless, we know that staying in a rehab facility for up to eight weeks or more may not be suitable for everyone. That is why we will provide a full assessment before making any recommendations to you.

If you need help for addiction for yourself or a loved one and you live in Gateshead, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are a free service helping people across the UK to find rehab programmes in their areas to suit their needs. Call now for more information about how we can help you.

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