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Using drugs or alcohol recreationally may seem harmless when you first start. However, it is very easy to get out of control without even knowing what’s happening. Ask any recovering addict or alcoholic. Most will tell you that they did not set out to become addicted, it just came on them without them realising it. In Chester-le-Street, there are people struggling with substance abuse right now. And if that substance abuse is not treated, it will most certainly lead to addiction. If you are already in the throes of addiction, you know it is not a good thing. Nevertheless, you also need to know that help is available for both substance abuse and addiction by way of drug and alcohol rehab in Chester-le-Street. You can access that help by calling our 24-hour addiction recovery helpline.

Addiction Helper exists for the sole purpose of providing assistance to addicts and their families. Our counsellors are trained to provide comprehensive assessments along with treatment referrals and advice on intervention and other related matters. You can speak to one of our counsellors, free of charge, by calling our helpline. Counsellors are available 24 hours a day. When you call, you can avail of a free assessment and a referral to a provider of alcohol or drug rehab in Chester-le-Street, should you wish.

We exist to provide a vital link between those in need of rehab in Chester-le-Street and the facilities that provide it. We do not provide addiction services ourselves, but we work closely with the organisations that do. We want to make sure that everyone in need of drug or alcohol rehab can access the help they need quickly and easily. Our service makes this possible.

Restoring Hope to Those in Need of Rehab in Chester-le-Street

One of the things we do at Addiction Helper is to restore the hope stolen away by drugs and alcohol. The truth is you can overcome your addiction completely and permanently. If you are willing to commit yourself to a treatment plan administered and monitored by experienced professionals, you can beat drugs and alcohol. However, the question is, are you willing?

It has been said that the single most important factor in overcoming addiction is the willingness of the addict to apply him or herself. We believe that’s true. If you are 100% committed to getting well, then there are providers of alcohol and drug rehab in Chester-le-Street ready and waiting to get your treatment started right away.

Your best option is probably a residential treatment programme offered by a private rehab clinic. Residential treatment is conducted in a distraction free environment enabling you to concentrate entirely on your recovery. You will partake in detox, one-on-one counselling, and group support during your stay. Of course, there are other options if residential treatment is not appropriate to your circumstances. We will advise you on those options when you call.

Why You Might Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Chester-le-Street

We assume you are visiting our website because you are struggling with drugs or alcohol. Alternatively, perhaps you know someone who is. In either case, substance abuse and addiction are not problems that will go away on their own. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, you’re not going through a phase that will eventually pass. You have a serious problem that requires professional help.

You need professional treatment provided by a private clinic, drug and alcohol charity, or the NHS. Otherwise, your addiction may progress to a point where some of the harm being caused can never be repaired. Let us help you before you get to that point.

We urge you to think about your drug or alcohol use in recent times. You may not have noticed that you have increased your consumption of these substances. Many people begin drinking more alcohol or taking more drugs without even noticing what they are doing. It is only when they are encouraged to assess their substance use that it dawns on them.

If you have been using more alcohol or drugs than you used to, this is likely because you have an increased tolerance to the effects of these substances. The longer this pattern continues, the further you will find yourself going down the path towards a destructive addiction. If you want to get your life back on track as soon as possible, you may need to consider drug or alcohol rehab in Chester-le-Street.

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Could You Benefit from Addiction Treatmaent?

Your health has undoubtedly suffered because of your substance abuse. Prolonged abuse of alcohol or drugs can lead to many different illnesses including heart disease, kidney disease, and cancer. There is also a strong link between substance abuse and mental health problems. While some people abuse alcohol or drugs to help with their mental health problems, others will go on to develop issues such as depression and anxiety because of their addiction.

Another area of your life that has probably been negatively affected by your substance abuse is the relationships with those you love. Family members and friends also suffer when a loved one is struggling with addiction. As the illness progresses, the affected individual finds it harder and harder to think clearly while family members often find it difficult to understand why their loved one is continuing to abuse alcohol or drugs when doing so is having such obvious negative effects. It can be tough for all involved.

With a programme of detox and rehabilitation, the effects of addiction can often be reversed. Many of the health issues that are caused by addiction will start to improve if they are not too severe, and a part of a good rehab programme is family therapy. Recovering addicts learn how to overcome their illness but also how to move on to live a substance-free life and make amends with those who have been harmed by their actions.

Please call Addiction Helper if you are interested in improving your current situation. We can assess your illness and provide information about your options for treatment in Chester-le-Street. We offer counselling and referral services throughout the UK.

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