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Options for People in Durham Dealing with Addiction

The options available for people in Durham who wish to break away from alcohol or drug addiction are varied. At the moment there is no one recovery option that seems to work for everyone so the availability of different options is a good thing. This means that almost every type of addict will be able to find something that suits their needs. Of course, the key to overcoming this type of problem is not just the path that is chosen but more importantly the person’s determination to make that path work for them.

Getting Ready to Quit Addiction in Durham

The motivation to quit an addiction is not something that substance abusers can depend on to last. These periods tend to be short lived if the individual does not take action to end the problem. Addiction is an elusive foe, and it can easily pull the person back into denial about their problem. This not only means that the individual will have lost an opportunity to get sober, but there is no guarantee that another opportunity to arise. This is a very serious business, and the failure of the individual to make the best use of a chance at recovery could mean that mean death.

Once the willingness to end the addiction arises the person needs to do something with this motivation right away. For many individuals the best option will be for them to enter some type of drug or alcohol detox centres. This is a place where they will be able to fully focus on getting better, and they will have the resources they need to make sobriety a reality. The individual might also find that therapy or joining some type of fellowship can be a great asset as well.

How to Get the Most Out of Rehab

Entering rehab can be a great decision for people who are trying to break away from addiction, but just attending this facility will not guarantee their success. In order to ensure that the person achieves a lasting recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, they will need to work to get the most out of their experience in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre. Here are just a few suggestions for how they will be able to do this.

  • It is vital that the person who enters rehab keeps an open mind and becomes willing to let go of their current way of thinking. This is because many of the beliefs and opinions that people develop during their years of addiction are unhelpful. If the person continues to hold onto these ideas it will keep them from making progress.
  • It is common for people who fall into addiction to exhibit a condition known as demand resistance. This means that they rebel against any demands that are put upon them, and they automatically say no to suggestions provided by other people. It is vital that the individual accepts the help of the multidisciplinary team in rehab, and that they are willing to give all suggestions a faithful try.
  • All that a rehab really does is provide the individual with all the resources and help they need under one roof. This means that everything that the person needs is there, but they will still need to make use of these resources in order to benefit from them.
  • It is vital that the individual is adequately prepared for their transition back to normal living following rehab. In fact, the whole purpose of rehab is to prepare the individual for this transition, and they should begin preparing from day one. There is no need for the person to be too afraid of the challenges that will lie ahead, but they will not want to underestimate them either.

Featured Durham Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Life Away from Addiction

It is important that people have realistic expectations for recovery because if they expect too much too soon they could easily end up feeling disillusioned and disappointed. They could then later use this as an excuse to relapse back to their addiction. Things will get better once the individual puts down alcohol and drugs, but it takes time for the healing to occur. It is unlikely that the individual feel so far into addiction overnight so their recovery is not going to happen overnight either.

In the long term the person who enters sobriety can expect great things to come their way. Even in the early days where they are still in a detox centre they should begin to notice improvements in their life. Over time these improvements will increase. The greatest gift of sobriety is that it gives the individual a second chance in life. They can go in the direction that they have always wanted to go, and they can make a real difference to their own life. Amazing things happen when people get sober, and it really is possible for the person to achieve their dreams. So long as the individual is patient and positive they will do well in life – of course they will also have to remain sober.

Staying Sober Long Term

In order for the individual to enjoy a better life going forward they are going to need to commit to permanent sobriety. If the person has developed an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it does not matter how long they remain sober because they will never be safe to use these substance again. Most substance abusers will be able to give up alcohol or drugs for a few weeks or months, but the real challenge is going to be long term recovery. In order to make this a reality the individual will need some type of program that will help them deal with the rest of their life.

Durham Twelve Step Meetings

One popular option that provides a lifelong program for addiction recovery will be the 12 Step meetings. There are regular meetings to choose from in Durham including:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Beginner’s Meeting – Wednesday 19:15 – Durham Recovery & Well Being Centre, 54/54A North Road, Durham
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Monday Meeting – Monday 19:15 – St John’s Church, Crossgate Peth, Durham

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