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The beginning of the end of addiction usually happens when the individual fully accepts that they will never be able to safely use alcohol or drugs again. So long as the person holds onto even the slightest hope that they will one day be able to return to substance abuse they will not be able to make a full recovery. They may be able to stop for a few days, weeks, months, or even years, but their ambivalence will later become the cause of a relapse. This is why it is advisable that people in Helensburgh who are serious about ending the addiction should do this with no reservations.

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The Benefits of Fully Committing to Addiction Recovery

Any addiction treatment that the individual has will only be of limited value while they are not fully committed to the process of recovery. This means that even if they accept drug and alcohol help it may not be enough to help them. The benefits of fully committing to recovery include:

  • Any doubts that the individual has can be a drain on their motivation. The individual will have days when things get hard, and this is when their doubts become the most dangerous. They can easily provide the individual with an excuse to relapse.
  • When the individual is fully committed to their recovery relapse is no longer an option. This makes things far easier because the individual does not have to decide to stay sober each day – they know that they don’t really have any other choice.
  • This type of determination gives the individual a great deal of energy, and it means that they will be able to accomplish more. Negativity is a drain on energy in recovery, but when people are determined it provides them with a significant boost because they are being positive about the future.

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