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The idea of entering alcohol and drug addiction centres can be something that those caught in addiction can strongly resist. Even if the individual is able to appreciate that their drinking or drug use is out of control they still might feel that rehab is uncalled for. In some cases this resistant will occur because the person does not wish to end the addiction. There will also be people who resist this type of addiction help because of misunderstandings about what is involved in this type of treatment. It is important that anyone living in Gretna who is dealing with a serious addiction problem should at least consider the option of drug and alcohol treatment centres.

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The Truth about Rehab

The image that substance abusers in Gretna can have about rehab will often be wrong. There are many misconceptions and myths out there that can make the individual weary of this type of help. Some of the misunderstandings that people will have include:

  • The individual can look upon these rehabilitation facilities as similar to prison. While it is true that the person will need to agree to stick by the rules and stay within the rehab grounds they will choose to be there and are not held under duress.
  • Another myth is that rehab is too hard. There is no doubt that people who enter this type of program will be challenged, but never more than they will be able to cope with. The only time when people really struggle in these facilities are when they are resisting the program. Any minor discomfort experienced is more than made up for by the benefits of attending this facility.
  • People will also complain that rehab is boring. This does not have to be the case at all, and the individual may even find that they really enjoy their stay most of the time.

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