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Do You Have an Addiction Problem?

Addiction is sometimes described as the disease that convinces you that you don’t have it. The reality is that most serious substance abusers are in denial about their problems. They will probably be unable to ignore the fact that their life is a mess, but they will have all types of justifications for why this is. In many instances the person may even be convinced that alcohol or drugs is the only good thing in their life. All this means that it can be difficult for people to determine if they have an addiction problem.

In order or the individual to decide if they are dealing with addiction they need to look at their life objectively and honestly. Any of the following could be a sign that the individual needs help for substance abuse problems:

  • The person suffers withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop or reduce their intake of alcohol or drugs. This occurs because the person’s body has adapted to these substance and not struggles to function without them.
  • Another sign that the person had adapted to substance abuse is that they have an increased tolerance for alcohol or drugs. This means that they need to take more than previously to get the same effect. It is the fact that the person keeps increasing their intake that leads to increasing damage to the body and mind – these substances are toxic.
  • The individual has experienced relationship, family, work, financial, or legal problems as a result of their substance abuse.
  • The person has tried to stop or reduce their intake in the past but failed.
  • The individual is prepared to recognise that these chemicals are causing problems in their life, but they feel unable to stop the behaviour.
  • This person does not feel that they will be able to cope without engaging in this behaviour.
  • They have done things they regret while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • They have suffered blackouts. This means that there are periods of time that they can’t remember while they were inebriated. These blackouts can be one of the most disturbing aspects of substance abuse. The individual may have done something particularly nasty while under the influence, but they don’t even remember it afterwards.
  • They have missed days from work as a result of hangovers.
  • The individual suspect that their life would be better if they could stop drinking or using drugs.

Addiction Support in Dumfriesshire

Addiction support can be an important step in ending this type of maladaptive behaviour. Those individuals who have already tried in the past to go it alone but failed will particularly want to consider this option – this could be the missing key that makes lasting sobriety a reality. Those individuals who are currently dealing with addiction in Dumfriesshire will certainly want to consider the drug and alcohol help that is available for them.

Resources Available for People Dealing with Addiction in Dumfriesshire

People that are serious about ending their addiction should find that there are plenty of resources available to help them. It is important that the individual keeps on open mind about these alternatives and does not dismiss things out of hand. The cynicism of the addict needs to be ignored, and the individual needs to approach things with a beginner’s mind. Some of the resources that people in Dumfriesshire might want to consider will include:

  • There are many recovery groups that meet within the Dumfriesshire area. The most popular of these groups are the 12 Step fellowships with Alcoholics Anonymous being the most well known. The benefit of choosing this type of self help group is that the help that is being offered is from people who know what he individual is going through because of their own experience. This means that the advice they offer will have more merit. The other nice thing about these groups is that they offer a program for living.
  • Some people are put off by the spiritual emphasis of the 12 Step groups, but there are also more secular options available such as Smart Recovery which advocates a more scientific approach.
  • If people are considering going to some type of alcohol and drug addiction centres it can be helpful to contact these directly. The administration office at these rehabs will usually be able to answer any questions that the individual might have.
  • One of the easiest resources to use when it comes to addiction support is the internet. There are thousands of websites providing information on this topic, and there is plenty of useful advice and tips. It is important to keep in mind though, that anyone can say anything online and it does not make sense to trust everyone. It is best to stick to reputable resources for hard facts.
  • One of the other great internet resources will be the online recovery communities. This is where real people share their struggles with addiction, and where those who have managed to recover share their advice. This really is a wonderful resource, but it is probably not as effective as face to face help in the real world.

A local GP can be another good source for advice and help. Even if the physician is unable to offer help directly they will know of the resources that are available in the Dumfriesshire area. They will also be able to arrange a referral where this is necessary.

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12 Step Groups in Dumfriesshire

One of the most useful resources available for people dealing with addiction in Dumfriesshire will be the 12 Step groups. There are many of these to be found locally including:

  • AA – Goodwill Discussion Group – Saturday 20:00 – Activity & Resource Centre, Burns Street, Dumfries
  • AA Tuesday Meeting – Tuesday 20:00 – Activity & Resource Centre, Burns Street, Dumfries
  • AA Friday Meeting – Friday 19:30 – St Teresa’s Church, Glasgow Street, Dumfries.

As well as the fellowship meetings there are also online communities which the individual will be able to use for advice and support.

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