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Addiction is a real problem in Northern Ireland but thankfully there are solutions to this issue that can allow the individual to escape and begin to enjoy a good life. In order for this to happen though, the individual has to be completely ready to let go of their old life. They will need to be able to recognise where their current trajectory is taking them and be prepared to abandon ship. Those individuals living in Holywood who feel that they have reached this point need to act fast because the willingness to end addiction can be fleeting.

Need to Hit Rock Bottom in Order to Recover From Addiction

It is common wisdom that addicts need to hit rock bottom before they will be able to recover. There is some sense in this statement, but the problem is that it often gets misunderstood. It does not mean that people in Holywood who are struggling with addiction will need to lose everything before they will be ready for a rehab clinic. This is not what is meant by rock bottom. It simply means that the individual has reached a point in their life where they are willing to take a different path.

The truth about rock bottom is that it is always up to the individual to decide where this is. Some people will have a high rock bottom, and this means that they have needed to lose relatively little before becoming ready to end the addiction. This is the best scenario, and it is what people should be aiming for because there is no benefit in descending any lower into addiction. There are other people who have a low rock bottom, and this can be a really dangerous state of affairs because if the individual allows themselves to fall too low they might not be able to get back.

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