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By the time that substance abusers become ready to consider a rehab centre they will usually have been through a lot already as a result of their addiction. The lucky few will have lost relatively little as a result of this problem, but many people will have endured a good deal of suffering. Of course, their condition will also have usually caused a good deal of hardship for other people as well. The decision to end the addiction can mean that the individual is about to embark on a new and far more satisfying period of their life. For those individuals living in Downpatrick who are about to take this step it can be an exciting time.

Life after Addiction

So what can people from Downpatrick expect after they leave rehab? The reality here is that this will be very much up to them. Those individuals who were diligent during their time in the rehab centre will have picked up the skills they need in order to build a new life. They will already have a solid foundation for their recovery and all they need to do now is to start building upon it. The most important thing is that the individual does not believe that their time in rehab now means that they are cured, because this was only ever the start of the process.

It is also important that those who leave a drug rehabilitation centre have realistic expectations. It is going to take time for them to build a good life, and they are not going to be exempt from the ups and downs of life that impact every other human. The difference is that they will now have effective tools so that they can deal more effectively with these ups and downs. The person who leaves rehab can look forward to many great days ahead so long as they stay sober.

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