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Every now and again, there is a news story profiling a brand-new drug or treatment method designed to help alcoholics and drug addicts recover. The stories are exciting inasmuch as they offer hope to a group of people that find themselves in serious trouble. However, all of these news stories have one thing in common: the requirement among drug users and alcoholics to take the first step of asking for help. If you are in need of rehab in the Sidmouth area, will you not take that first step today?

Even though Sidmouth is not a large metropolitan area like the capital, there are still those within its borders battling daily with drug and alcohol issues. Addiction Helper is here to provide assistance to those who want it. Our assistance comes by way of a 24-hour recovery helpline staffed by caring and professional counsellors who are ready and waiting to lend a listening ear and offer sound advice.

Our goal for addicts in Sidmouth is to help them find the most appropriate treatment that will enable them to get well. We tend to start by recommending residential treatment at a private clinic, knowing that residential rehab offers the greatest chances of long-term success. Nevertheless, we know that residential rehab is not for everyone. In such cases, we also advise clients of treatment options available through charities, support groups and the NHS.

Featured Sidmouth Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Local, Regional, International

Most of those calling Addiction Helper are looking for local rehab in Sidmouth. Nonetheless, our services expand well beyond the Sidmouth area. We have access to treatment programmes all across the UK and, when necessary, internationally. What is most important to us is that everyone who calls our help line get started on the road to recovery before hanging up. It is less important where you seek treatment and more important that you make the decision to do so.

What does treatment entail? That depends on the seriousness of your problem. Substance abusers who have not yet reached the level of addiction can usually be successfully treated with a combination of psychotherapeutic treatments, support group attendance and prescription medications. A full-blown addiction requires a 7 to 10 day detox before psychotherapy can begin.

The private clinics we work with utilise medically supervised detox with appropriate prescription medications. When a client attends one of these clinics, he or she is constantly under the care of dedicated doctors, nurses, and therapists. Everyone in the clinical setting is fully devoted to the complete recovery of every client.

Ready and Waiting

A team of dedicated recovery experts is ready and waiting to help you right now. If you are in Sidmouth and struggling with alcohol or drugs, right now is the best time for you to make that decision to get help. Our helpline is free of charge, 24 hours a day.

Addiction Helper is proud to provide counselling and referral services to drug and alcohol users in Sidmouth. Our services are available throughout England and the entire UK. All contacts remain completely confidential for your protection.

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