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Attending drug and alcohol rehab is a good step to take in the direction of sobriety. Those people living in the Paignton area who are considering such a move may have mixed feelings about this type of treatment. It can appear like something that is going to be threatening, but in fact many who pass through rehab will find that it is not only manageable but also fun at times. The benefits of attending this type of facility make any sacrifices worth it. Here are just a few reasons for why those in Paignton who are dealing with an addiction problem should choose drug or alcohol rehabilitation centres:

  • One of the main advantages of entering rehab is that it helps the individual to make it through the difficult first few weeks of recovery. The reality is that most of those individuals who try to stop on their own will give up in the first few days, but those who attend rehab have a much better chance of lasting beyond the initial bumpiness of early sobriety.

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  • When people enter drug and alcohol rehab they will have their withdrawal symptoms monitored. This can be important for those who have been addicted for many years and have been heavy users because they will be at risk of severe withdrawal symptoms. By entering rehab the individual will have their withdrawals monitored so they will be kept safe. There will also usually be treatments available to help reduce the severity of symptoms.
  • Another of the important benefits of this type of program is that the individual has the opportunity to develop some new coping strategies. This is important because their old coping strategies will no longer be there – the individual will not be able to run to alcohol or drugs every time they have a problem.

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