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The first step to getting help for an addiction problem in Exeter is acknowledging that there is a problem. Unless the individual has some insight into the negative impact that alcohol or drugs is having on their life it can be difficult for them to accept the need to stop for good. One of the biggest dangers for the individual is an ambivalent attitude – this means that they understand that they need to stop, but they also hold onto the hope that they will be able to drink or use drugs again in the future. In order to make a success of recovery the individual has to fully commit to addiction treatment with no reservations.

Addiction as a Family Disease

It is often said that addiction is a family disease. What this means is that each member of the family can be negatively impacted by the behaviour of one addict in their midst – this is particularly the case when the addict happens to be a parent. The members of the family may pick up maladaptive coping strategies to help them cope with the behaviour of the substance abuser, and this can mean that the whole family unit becomes dysfunctional. This is why drug and alcoholics support for families is often required.

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The good news for families dealing with addiction in Exeter is that there can be a complete recovery from this situation. Not only can the addict give up the behaviour but the family can learn how to function in a healthy way. It does require a good deal of adjustment, and it can be hard to completely forget the wrongs of the past, but so long as the members of the family are committed to change there can be a good future. There are plenty of fine examples of families who were able to recovery from addiction.

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