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By the time that substance abusers in Barnstable become ready to consider a detox centre they will often have endured a good deal of suffering. The pain involved in this type of maladaptive behaviour can be immense, but if the person has low self-esteem (which many addicts have) then they may believe that they deserve to feel this way. Overcoming an addiction problem is not only about escaping this misery, but the individual also has to learn that they never deserved such misery in the first place. This is the type of understanding that is usually reached when people attend drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple and beyond.

Individuals who are caught in addiction will not have chosen to end up that way. This type of condition is insidious – it creeps up on people. In the beginning, the individual may have found that alcohol or drugs seemed to help them cope better with life. Over time though, the pros of using these substances will have started to become fewer and fewer until the individual is suffering far more than what they are gaining. By this time the person is often caught in denial so they may be unable to recognise the reality of their situation and their desperate need for alcohol or drug rehab in Barnstaple or elsewhere.

The addict will have times when they are aware of how badly the addiction is hurting them, but this may cause them to feel guilt and remorse. The problem is that these feelings can negatively impact the individual’s self-esteem further so that they are even less able to break away from addiction. In order to escape this mess, the person has to recognise that they deserve better and do have the inner strength to reclaim their life. Of course, it will be easier for them to do this with the help of rehab in Barnstaple or other parts of the UK.

Could You Benefit from Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Barnstaple?

If you are aware of the damage that drugs or alcohol is causing in your life, then you may be ready to move on to treatment. With drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple, you can look forward to a new and healthier life.

Detoxification and rehabilitation are the way forward for anyone who is willing to make the necessary changes in their life in order to get better. Getting to this stage of your journey can be tough, but it is essential if you want to move on and put your days of substance abuse behind you for good.

It is common to wonder what rehabilitation will mean for you and your situation, particularly if you have no experience of alcohol or drug rehab in Barnstaple or elsewhere. Below is an idea of what you can look forward to if you decide to move on to treatment:

  • A Healthier You – Your mind and body will begin to heal as soon as you stop taking drugs or alcohol. You can look forward to an improvement in your physical and mental health, but you should not expect this to occur overnight. Just as it took time to become addicted, it will take time to recover too – but you will recover, and when you do, you can look forward to a healthier, cleaner life.
  • A Better Life – So many opportunities are right around the corner. When you stop letting drugs or alcohol dictate your life, you will see all the things you have been missing. You can start to enjoy everything that life has to offer and spend quality time with the people you love.
  • New Friendships – Addiction recovery will open an entire new community of individuals and provide you with a chance to nurture new friendships. Most recovering addicts will be encouraged to get involved with a fellowship support group where they will meet other recovering addicts. This is a wonderful way to get involved with the recovery community and to make some new lifelong friends.

Commit to Rehab in Barnstaple Now

If you want a new and healthier life, rehab in Barnstaple is for you. By contacting us here at Addiction Helper, we can provide you with a free and confidential assessment of your situation that will give us and you a clearer understanding of your treatment needs.

For many addicts, the first stage of the recovery journey is a physical detox where they will work on tackling the physical side of their illness. In a dedicated facility, this process can be made simpler and easier. Professional staff will be on hand to ensure the comfort and safety of the patient and to prescribe medication and supplements where appropriate to reduce the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms.

Once detox is complete, rehabilitation begins. This is the part of the journey that deals with any emotional and psychological issues that have caused the addiction and it is essential for those who want to ensure a successful long-term recovery. Despite what you may have heard, failure to complete a rehab programme after detox will be detrimental to your ongoing sobriety.

Featured Barnstaple Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Options for Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Barnstaple

You have a number of options for rehab in Barnstaple and programmes will be either inpatient or outpatient based. These programmes are provided by various organisations including private clinics, local support groups, charities, and the NHS. The type that you choose for your treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and your requirements. We can help you to determine what those needs are and can put you in touch with a provider that will work best for you.

If you are ready to commit to a programme of recovery, call Addiction Helper today. We are working hard in all areas of the UK to ensure that treatment is available to everyone who needs it. For more information on our free and confidential service, call our dedicated helpline right now. Alternatively, we can call you; all you need to do is complete our online contact form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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