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By the time that substance abusers in Barnstable become ready to consider a detox centre they will often have endured a good deal of suffering. The pain involved in this type of maladaptive behaviour can be immense, but if the person has low self esteem (which many addicts have) then they may believe that they deserve to feel this way. Overcoming an addiction problem is not only about escaping this misery, but the individual also has to learn that they never deserved such misery in the first place. This is the type of understanding that is usually reached when people attend rehab.

How People Fall into Addiction

Those individuals in Barnstaple who are caught in addiction will not have chosen to end up that way. This type of condition is insidious – it creeps up on people. In the beginning the individual may have found that alcohol or drugs seemed to help them cope better with life. Over time though, the pros of using these substances will have started to become fewer and fewer until the individual is suffering far more than what they are gaining. By this time the person is often caught in denial so they may be unable to recognise the reality of their situation.

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The addict will have times when they are aware of how badly the addiction is hurting them, but this may cause them to feel guilt and remorse. The problem is that these feelings can negatively impact the individual’s self esteem further so that they are even less able to break away from addiction. In order to escape this mess the person has to recognise that they deserve better and do have the inner strength to reclaim their life. Of course it will be easier for them to do this with the help of recovery resources such as a detox centre.

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