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It is easy to see the damage that addiction can do when looking in from the outside. It is less evident when you are the person with the addiction. This is because of the way that your abuse of substances such as drugs and alcohol have changed the structure of your brain. You are no longer in a position where you are able to make good choices – if you were, you would not still be using these chemical substances that are destroying your life. Across the UK, even in towns such as Swadlincote, substance abuse and addiction continue to be major problems for some individuals – are you one of them? If so, we want to tell you that help is available by way of drug and alcohol rehab in Swadlincote.

There are so many negative consequences associated with substance abuse and addiction – and the damage is not reserved for the person with the illness. Addiction can lead to poor health for the individual as well as relationship problems, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and even premature death. But family members, friends and even work colleagues are also affected by addiction, and you may be surprised to know that this is an illness that affects almost everyone in the country because of the pressure it puts on vital services such as the National Health Service and the police. It is therefore necessary that services such as alcohol and drug rehab in Swadlincote and every other part of the United Kingdom are available as and when they are needed.

Addiction Helper is working hard in all areas of the country to ensure that whenever someone makes the decision to reach out for help, he or she can find what they are looking for with ease. If you require rehab in Swadlincote, you need only pick up the phone and call us. We can begin working on your behalf to match you to a provider that meets your needs in a matter of minutes.

How We Match You to Providers of Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Swadlincote?

The first thing we will do when you call us is listen to everything you have to say. We want to hear all about your situation and the struggles you have been facing. You do not have to worry about anything you say to us – we treat all conversations confidentially and will never discuss anything you tell us with a third party without your permission.

We will provide a full assessment free of charge to determine how severe your addiction is. During this assessment, we will ask questions about your current and past substance use. We want to know which substances you use now, which ones you have used in the past, and how often you use. This information will enable us to gauge the type of treatment that will work best for you. It may be the case that your addiction is not so severe that you would benefit from an outpatient programme of drug or alcohol rehab in Swadlincote; we can assist with this.

If you do have a severe illness, we may advise you to consider a programme of private residential alcohol or drug rehab in Swadlincote instead. The benefit of this is that you would be removed from your daily life and placed in a distraction-free environment where you would have no choice but to focus on your recovery.

Are You Ready for Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

The choice to enter rehab in Swadlincote or elsewhere, usually happens after many years of suffering with addiction. The individual may feel that they have no other choice now but to choose this path because to remain addicted is going to mean further suffering (and eventually death). By choosing to enter a programme of detox and rehabilitation, the person is basically saving their own life. So long as he or she is fully committed to their recovery they will have a great opportunity to go on and live a great life.

If you have decided to take the next steps on the road to recovery, you can do so with the assistance of Addiction Helper. We work hard in all areas of Great Britain (and beyond) to put those in need of rehab with the facilities that provide these services.

If you want to get your life back on track, the best place to start is with a rehab programme that will allow you to identify the cause of your addictive behaviour and give you the tools to help you avoid a return to it in the future.

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The Benefits of Ending an Alcohol Addiction with Rehab?

One of the main reasons people remain stuck in addiction is because they fail to appreciate how much it would improve their life if they stopped abusing substances such as alcohol or drugs. Addiction has a real impact on mental functioning, and the person can be so caught in denial that they fail to see the reality of their situation. There are so many benefits to living a substance-free life, but addicts are often unable to appreciate these because they are not capable of making good choices. Even when they know they will be better off without their drug of choice, they cannot resist it when the urge to use takes over.

Those who do decide to get help for addiction have plenty to look forward to. For example, the person can be happy without the need for alcohol or drugs. The happiness that people can experience in recovery is far beyond the shallow happiness of an addict when he or she drinks or uses drugs.

The individual will no longer have to feel shame or guilt about their behaviour. They will have no problem looking other people in the eye. The reason most people fall into addiction is that they are looking for a way to experience peace of mind and escape their problems. One of the most remarkable things about recovery is that the individual usually finds that over time they develop this type of serenity without the need of any chemicals – this is the real reward of giving up an addiction.

If you would like help overcoming addiction, please get in touch with Addiction Helper right now. As soon as you do, we will help you get started on the road to recovery and a new and happy substance-free life.

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