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The willingness to enter drug or alcohol rehabilitation centres can be a positive sign that the substance abuser is about to turn a corner in their life. So long as they are sincere in their decision to quit, and they are willing to do what it takes to achieve this goal, the chances are good that they will succeed. Those people in Derby who are on the brink of entering this type of facility will probably benefiting from knowing how to get the most from the experience. It will also help if they learn some of the mistakes to avoid.

Reasons for Why People Fail in Rehab

There are a number of common reasons for why people fail in rehab including:

  • The individual has entered this facility for the wrong reasons – usually to please other people. The fact that the person is not fully committed means that they may treat their time in rehab as being similar to a prison sentence and they will resist the opportunity to learn and grow. Occasionally the individual will enter rehab under duress but then decide that they want to make the most of their time.

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  • Another common reason for why people fail in rehab is that they refuse to be honest. They behave in ways that are secretive and their unwillingness to open up means that they cannot benefit from therapy. The fact that the individual behaves dishonestly in rehab usually means that they are not serious about quitting their addiction
  • Another reason for why people fail in rehab is that they have not adequately prepared for their return home to Derby. The transition from this type of facility back to the community is usually when the person is most at risk of relapse so it is vital that they are prepared for this.

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