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There is no guarantee that when people enter alcohol detox centres that they will be able to establish themselves in long term sobriety. This is because the ability for the person to achieve this will be completely up to them – there is no rehab in the world that can do the work for them. If the individual goes into this facility determined to get the most out of the experience then the chances are high that they will succeed. If the individual is resistant to the process and does not make use of the available resources in rehab their chances are not so good. It is important that those people in Abergele who are currently considering rehab realise how important their own attitude is going to impact their chances of success.

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Right Attitude in Rehab

The type of attitude that people entering alcohol detox centres will want to have includes:

  • Open mindedness (sometimes called beginner’s mind). This means that the individual will be willing to consider everything that is suggested, and they will not dismiss anything out of hand. It means becoming more of a “yes” person and less of a “no” person.
  • The individual needs to be willing to do whatever it takes to end their addiction. Any reservations they have about the process could be the thing that later trips them up and leads them back into addiction.
  • The person will have the ability to be completely honest and open to other people. Secrets are like poison in rehab, and they need to be avoided.
  • The individual will focus on aftercare so that when they transition from rehab back to their home in Abergele they will be prepared for this. This transition can be tricky if people are not prepared for it. The person needs to make use of all the resources available to make the process of returning home easier.

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