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Alcohol addiction in Whitehaven is often hidden behind closed doors. There are some addicts who would be classified as high functioning. This means that they can appear to be doing well in life, they may even be respected members of their community, yet they are secretly hiding an addiction. In the beginning the individual can be so good at concealing the substance abuse that even their families and friends are not aware of what is going on. The problem is that while the addictive behaviour may not be causing too many outward signs it will be causing damage. If left untreated it can take the individual to the exact same place as the addict who is unable to function.

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Difficulty of Ending a High Functioning Addiction

If people in Whitehaven are dealing with a high functioning addiction it can actually be harder for them to quit. There are a number of reasons for why this is the case:

  • The individual may be in a career where substance abuse is part of the culture.
  • The person may feel that they have more to lose by admitting that they have an addiction problem. If the person has a successful career they may worry about what people will think about them entering rehab. The reality is though, that if they fail to get this help they might end up with no career.
  • The fact that the addiction is so well hidden will mean that the individual will not have the same pressures on them to stop. They will not have family and friends trying to convince them of the need for help.
  • If the individual is doing well in life they will usually feel that they deserve to overindulge with alcohol and drugs.
  • The individual will often not have financial constraints on their addiction so this will be one more reason not to stop.

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