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Addiction problems are on the increase all across the UK and Truro has not been spared from this type of affliction. This is a condition that causes misery for not only the individual but also their loved ones – and often even their community. There are some addicts that are skilled at hiding their addiction but this type of self control usually disappears over time. This is because the individual will be caught in a downward spiral. The longer they remain addicted the more they will end up losing. Even the high functioning addict will still end up in the same place as the stereotypical addict if they do not manage to stop. There is drug and alcoholic help in Truro to help the individual escape this maladaptive behaviour.

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Need to Hit Rock Bottom before Getting Addiction Help

It is often stated that addicts need to hit rock bottom before they will be able to recover from their addiction. These wise words often get misunderstood to mean that the individual will need to lose everything before they are ready for alcohol or drug rehab clinics. This is a misunderstanding about what is meant here. Hitting rock bottom does not mean that the person has to lose everything in order to stop it just means that they have to lose enough that they become willing to stop.

Some people have high rock bottoms and some people will have low rock bottoms. It is always best to escape addiction from a high rock bottom, and there is no benefit in hitting a lower rock bottom. Addiction is often compared to a downward lift in a building. It is up to the individual what floor they will get off. The problem is that if they stay on right until the bottom floor it will mean death and no chance of recovery.

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