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In St Austell, substance abuse and addiction negatively impact the lives of many of the local inhabitants. It is a common picture across the whole of the UK. Lives are being lost and families torn apart by an often-deadly illness that is entirely preventable. With substance abuse and addiction responsible for poor health, poverty, unemployment relationship breakdown, homelessness, crime, and premature death, it is easy to see the importance of both drug and alcohol rehab in St Austell.

However, while many people are already accessing help for addiction in the town, there are many more who need help but have not yet reached out. There are countless reasons why individuals delay accessing alcohol or drug rehab in St Austell. Perhaps one of the main ones is an inability to recognise the signs and symptoms of addiction in themselves.

Denial plays a significant role in addiction, and it is often the stigma attached to addiction that prevents affected people from being able to see how serious their own situation is. Having a negative stereotype in mind when considering addiction can stop many from seeing themselves as addicts. As they do not fit the profile of the stereotypical addict, they do not see themselves as needing rehab in St Austell.

Overcoming the Stigma of Addiction with Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Here at Addiction Helper, we regularly take calls from the family members and friends of those struggling with addictions to alcohol or drugs. These individuals are fully aware that their loved one is in trouble and needs help, but they have a challenging time trying to convince the addict of this.

In many instances, addicts simply cannot see the truth of their situation. For example, if they believe that all alcoholics drink from the moment they wake up and spend all day every day staggering about under the influence, they will have a hard time seeing themselves as alcoholics if they do not do this themselves.

Failure to understand that not every addict acts in the same way can prevent people from getting the help they need from providers of drug and alcohol rehab in St Austell. But this is not the only reason for reluctance to admit an addiction exists.

Some are worried about what others will say if they find out about their illness. They would rather pretend that everything is okay than ask for help. The stigma that is attached to addiction means that many individuals view it in a negative light and those affected are often judged accordingly. However, the aim of rehabilitation is to help people overcome these issues so that they can move on to a substance-free life.

Do You Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab in St Austell?

Accepting a need for alcohol or drug rehab in St Austell is never easy. If your loved ones believe you may have a problem, it would be wise to listen to what they have to say. Family members find it easier to spot the signs of addiction than the person with the problem. Their minds are not clouded by chemical substances, so they can see clearly, unlike the addict.

Think about how you use mood-altering chemicals. Do you take them to make you feel better or different? Do you take them because you cannot resist the urge or cannot control your use of them?

If you find that once you start drinking or taking drugs you struggle to stop, it could be that you are addicted and need help to get better. If this is coupled with an increase in your consumption levels, then it is highly likely that you would benefit from a programme of detox and rehabilitation.

If you are still unsure about whether rehab is something you need, please talk to one of our friendly and compassionate advisors. They have been fully trained in all types of addiction and can spot the signs by asking a series of relevant questions.

If you want to know for sure that you need professional help, let us assist. We can provide a full and in-depth assessment that will take several factors into consideration. This will include the type of substances you have been abusing, the length of time you have been abusing them for, and how often you use them now. This will help us to gauge the level of substance misuse that you have.

We will also ask about your personal circumstances to determine what type of programme would be most suited to your needs. We will discuss your overall health, your personal commitments, your preferences, and your budget. This will allow us to create a complete picture of your needs.

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What Is Rehabilitation Treatment Like?

For those who want to access rehab in St Austell, there is plenty of choice. Programmes are provided by private clinics, local counsellors, charities, and the NHS. A comprehensive recovery programme is made up of three elements – detox, rehabilitation, and aftercare. Below is a brief explanation of what each is like:

  • Detox – Detox programmes will help you to quit alcohol or drugs. The detox process typically lasts for around one to two weeks and during this time your body will attempt to heal itself; you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Nevertheless, these symptoms can be eased and often prevented in a supervised facility.
  • Rehabilitation – Rehab programmes are provided by various organisations and are either day care based or residential. Residential programmes are intensive and concentrated and run for between six and twelve weeks. Outpatient programmes continue for longer as these are far less concentrated. With inpatient rehab, you will stay in the clinic for the duration of the treatment programme whereas with outpatient rehab you will attend regular treatment sessions while still getting on with daily life.
  • Aftercare – Aftercare takes care of the maintenance of your sobriety and is often provided as part of a rehabilitation programme. Other aftercare resources are also available within the local community in the form of fellowship support groups, where you will meet with other recovering addicts on a regular basis to help support and encourage each other to stay sober.

For more information on the recovery process in St Austell, please do not hesitate to give us a call today. Our dedicated helpline is staffed 24-hours a day to ensure you have someone to talk to when you need to.

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