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The historical buildings and beautiful waterfronts of Saltash belie the fact that the Gateway to Cornwall struggles with addiction and substance abuse problems just like any other UK town. Among its citizens, there are a number who are struggling with alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription medications and more. These people are in desperate need of help and support if they are ever to recover.

Addiction Helper exists to provide some of that help and support. We have established a 24-hour addiction recovery helpline available free of charge to anyone who needs help. Our helpline is staffed by caring and compassionate counsellors possessing the knowledge and experience to assist addicts and their families through counselling and referral services. Our mission is to make sure no one hangs up the phone without being directed to appropriate treatment.

We work with a number of service providers available to those in the Saltash area. Our providers include private clinics and charities. We can also advise clients regarding free services offered through the NHS. To us, the most important thing is that everyone who calls us gets the necessary help.

Featured Saltash Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

More than Physical

It is important for you to understand that substance abuse and addiction are more than just physical problems. Substances like crack and heroin actually alter the internal workings of the brain to the point of interfering with normal cognitive functioning. That is one of the reasons why withdrawal symptoms occur during detox. The fact of the matter is that very few people recover with detox alone. Most full-blown addicts need 4 to 12 weeks of rehabilitative therapy in addition to the detox treatment.

From our perspective, the best way to provide such treatment is through a residential programme offered by a private clinic. Residential treatment provides a safe and medically supervised atmosphere enabling recovering addicts to focus solely on getting better. Without the distractions of everyday life, recovery tends to be faster and more thorough.

Addiction Helper can assist you in making admission arrangements with a private clinic very near the Saltash area. If you prefer to get some distance away from Saltash, we have access to clinics in other parts of the UK. The fact that you get help is always really matters at this point.

Make That Choice

We assume you are visiting our website because you are concerned that you may have a substance abuse or addiction problem. We also assume you might be struggling greatly with the first step of admitting you have a problem. Only you can make the choice to do so. If we were to force you, any recovery treatments you submitted to would likely result in failure.

We urge you to seriously consider your current circumstances. Be honest about your condition; be honest enough to admit you are in trouble. If you will do that, we can help you.

Addiction Helper provides free and confidential referral services all across the UK. Those looking for help in the Saltash area can access our services by calling our free, 24-hour helpline.

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