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Although the UK government recommends that adults drink no more than fourteen units of alcohol per week, countless individuals exceed this amount. In fact, some people regularly drink more than fourteen units in one drinking session. The abuse of alcohol is a problem throughout the UK, and it is no different in Penzance where alcoholism is destroying the life of many of the town’s inhabitants. The problem is that most people look at alcohol as being a harmless substance because of its legal status. They do not see that it can be as harmful as many illegal drugs and can cause a devastating addiction. There is a strong need for alcohol rehab in Penzance to help alleviate the issues caused by abuse of this substance.

Nonetheless, it is not just alcohol rehab that is required in the town. Drug rehab in Penzance is also a necessary service to help those whose lives are being blighted by their addiction to illegal drugs and prescription medication. Substance abuse happens in all parts of the UK and is responsible for much harm. It is a leading contributor of poor health and is a contributing factor in over half of all violent crimes in this country. As a result, it is causing harm to communities and society in general and more needs to be done to lessen the damage caused.

Rehab in Penzance is helping to reduce the burden placed on society by abuse of mood-altering substances. Furthermore, Addiction Helper is working hard in the town to ensure that everyone in need of such services can access them quickly and easily. It does not matter what your circumstances or personal situation is, we can help you find a programme that will work for you.

Are You Looking for Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Penzance?

The fact that you are here reading this now suggests that your life has been affected by addiction in some form or another. Maybe you are struggling to cut down or quit your use of certain substances, or perhaps you are concerned about a loved one. Either way, Addiction Helper can assist you.

We already help addicts and their families to access alcohol and drug rehab in Penzance, and we are here to help you too. We are aware that not knowing where to find suitable rehab providers can often delay treatment for those suffering addiction, so we are working hard to rectify this problem.

In fact, this is why we exist; we understand that the inability to find a programme to suit can hamper a person’s progress and leave him or her struggling with their addictions for longer. We want to make sure that this trend does not continue.

If you are looking for a rehab provider, please give us a call. There is no need for you to spend hours and hours trying to find an organisation that will suit your needs or circumstances when all you need do is pick up the phone and call Addiction Helper. Finding suitable rehab providers in all parts of the United Kingdom is what we do. We have the information you need and can furnish you with it – as soon as we understand more about what your needs and circumstances are.

What Type of Alcohol or Drug Rehab Do You Need?

There are many different organisations providing drug and alcohol rehab in Penzance. Finding the one that is right for you is our job. To do this, we provide you with a free assessment of your situation. As part of this assessment, we determine what level of substance misuse you are dealing with. We will ask questions about your current and past substance use and how often you use these substances now.

If your addiction is severe, it is likely that we will recommend an inpatient treatment programme, but only if this was compatible with your other circumstances. For example, we would not recommend this type of programme if you have commitments at home or at work that make it impossible for you to be away for an extended period.

You can rest assured that we take many factors into consideration before recommending any treatment providers, and know that your own preferences are important. We will work with you to find a programme that suits your needs and one that you are completely comfortable with.

Featured Penzance Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

What Can You Expect from Rehabilitation in the UK?

Rehab in Penzance is provided by the NHS, charities, local support groups and private clinics. We work closely with all these organisations because that means you have more choice when it comes to treatment.

The starting point for most people is a programme of detoxification, which always precedes rehabilitation. Detox will break the bond between yourself and the substance you have become reliant on and will prepare you physically and mentally for rehab.

You may have heard that detox is excruciating, but this is not the case. It is true that it is not an easy process and you will likely experience some withdrawal symptoms. However, these symptoms can often be eased with medication when you detox in a supervised facility. We can help you to find a suitable detox programme where you will be safe and comfortable at all times.

Once detox has been completed, the job of addiction rehab can begin in earnest. Rehab programmes aim to help you overcome any emotional or psychological issues that you are dealing with and that led to the addiction in the first place.

You have the choice of inpatient or outpatient rehab but the programme you ultimately choose will, or should, depend on your individual needs and personal situation. Inpatient programmes take place in a distraction-free and comfortable environment where you will stay for around six to eight weeks, with most of your time spent focusing on getting well.

An outpatient programme is run in conjunction with daily life and continues for months rather than weeks. It is not as intensive as the inpatient programme and requires a great deal of strength and a real desire to stay sober on behalf of the addicted individual.

For more information on the types of rehab programme available in Penzance, please contact us today. You can get in touch with us by calling our 24-hour phoneline or by leaving your contact details on this website and we will call you.

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