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It is unlikely that anyone has ever planned to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. This is a problem that sort of sneaks up on people. In the beginning the individual may feel that these substances are bringing some benefit to their life. This behaviour seems to make them happy, and it may even mean they are more sociable and confident. Over time though, the individual will begin to experience negative consequences as a result of drinking too much or using drugs regularly. Eventually the negative aspects of taking these substances will far outweigh the benefits, and this is the situation that some people living in the Camborne area now find themselves in.

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Addiction and Denial

Even though it may be obvious that the cons of substance abuse now outweigh the pros the individual can refuse to see the need for addiction treatment. They may be in complete denial about the damage that is happening to their life, or they may be hanging onto the hope that this current negative patch is only temporary and that the good days of drinking and drug using will return ( it never does). The individual can be so good at denying the reality of their situation that friends and family may wonder if they are mentally disturbed – the fact that they are caught in denial means that they are.

When things get bad enough the individual is usually able to see beyond the denial to the reality of their situation. These times usually occur when the individual is feeling particular badly hung over or when they have behaved particularly badly. At these times they may even become open to the idea of alcohol or drug rehabilitation. It is vital to make use of these periods of clarity and use them as an opportunity to get help to end the addiction.

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