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Those people who are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Warrington will often have fallen into this condition because they are self-medicating. This means that they are having problems in their lives and they turned to alcohol and drugs because this seems to be helping. There are many reasons why the individual may feel the need to self-medicate. These include:

  • The person may have a dual diagnosis. This means that they have another mental health problem (which is often undiagnosed) alongside the addiction. In the beginning the person may have found that using alcohol or drugs eased their symptoms but over time it just makes things worse. The most common types of dual diagnosis would include depression and anxiety disorders.
  • In many cases the individual will just be finding it hard to deal with things. This could be because they are shy around other people or find the stresses of their life too difficult to deal with. In most cases this will be because the person has learned ineffective coping strategies. Life feels like too much of a challenge but when they self-medicate things feel a bit better.
  • Some individuals have experienced severe emotional or physical abuse and this can then drive them into addiction. This form of self-medication may soothe the pain initially but in reality, it is only ever adding to the problem.

Where Can I Find Advice on Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Warrington?

It is vital that those people in Warrington who have been self-medicating with alcohol or drugs are able to walk away from this behaviour. If they fail to do this then they will find themselves trapped in the addiction downwards spiral where the final destination will be death. In most cases the help that the person needs in order to end the substance abuse will be found in alcohol and drug treatment centres. This is why Addiction Helper can give you the information on alcohol and drug rehab in Warrington so that you can make an informed decision. If you are an addict or dependent on alcohol or drugs, it is vital that you consider rehab in Warrington as a way of overcoming this issue in your life. Addiction can be a life-threatening illness that needs to be treated as soon as possible. Without treatment, your health as well as your relationships with those around you will deteriorate to such an extent that it could become unbearable for all concerned.

What Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Warrington Offer?

There are several options available to anybody looking for rehab in Warrington and the surrounding areas. Addiction Helper has access to private clinics, NHS services, local support groups, and even charities that work in Warrington and surrounding areas. We can guide and advise you on which rehab will be the most appropriate choice for you based on our assessment of your addiction as well as your personal, work, and financial circumstances.

Inpatient Rehab

The first option that you have is to be admitted into an inpatient, residential rehab. You will be given a room and meals and ongoing therapy and individual counselling throughout the day. There are medical professionals who will monitor and supervise your detox and withdrawal during your first stage of treatment, often prescribing medication to help with the more severe withdrawal symptoms as well as to curb the cravings. The trained and experienced therapists and counsellors will monitor your emotional progress through the various activities that you participate in. Once you enter rehab for the main part of your treatment, you will undergo various treatment options as well as counselling sessions so that you can learn deal with life free of substances.

This option is almost always the most successful option as it allows you to focus entirely on your recovery without the distractions of day-to-day problems, other stresses, and temptations. Unfortunately, it is not always accessible to those that need it due to a variety of reasons, including unable to find the time (due to work, education, etc.) to partake, family issues that prevent you from leaving home for an extended period, and those with limited funds.

Outpatient Rehab in Warrington

The next option is to choose an outpatient treatment programme. This means attending rehab during the days that you have therapy sessions or individual counselling, and then, when therapy is completed for the day, you return home. Some would say that with this option you are still caught up in everyday life that can distract you from your goal of recovery. You may also find it difficult to resist the daily temptations that face you when at home. You will need a very stable and supportive home environment for this option to work for you.

In either case, you will precede your treatment with a detox phase, as mentioned above. This means withdrawing from your drugs or alcohol completely and allowing your body to learn to function without the help of these substances. We highly recommend that you are admitted to a treatment facility, clinic, or hospital for this phase of your recovery. Withdrawal symptoms can be very unpleasant and, in some cases, severe. You need a medical professional to monitor your progress and health for the 7 to 10 days that the detox lasts so that they can prescribe appropriate medication to assist with the withdrawal and the cravings.

If you cannot go into hospital or rehab for this phase, contact your GP or a local charity and arrange for a registered nurse to come to your house on a daily basis to monitor your progress if you decide to detox at home. The registered nurse can then administer the appropriate medication if and when necessary.

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What Are the Aftercare Options Once I’ve Completed Rehab?

Once you have completed treatment, you should avail of aftercare. Many rehabs offer aftercare services for up to a year free of charge upon completion of your treatment programme. You can also join your local support group or groups such as AA or NA for support and further guidance in your quest for sobriety in and around Warrington.

Addiction Helper will help you find the right people to help you with rehab in Warrington services. You can contact us through our website, text us at the number at the top of the web page, or call our freephone helpline. This is staffed by trained and experienced counsellors who will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the recovery process. Our service is entirely free and strictly confidential.

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