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Ending an addiction to alcohol or drugs in Chester is not something that people need to face alone. There are now many services and resources available that can make it easier for an individual to enter drug and alcohol rehab in Chester. Those people who are serious about ending their addiction will seriously want to consider anything that can help them accomplish this goal. If the individual fails to make use of what’s there, it could mean that they are not giving their recovery the best possible chance to succeed.

What Are My Options for Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Chester?

Some of the resources available for alcohol and drug rehab in Chester and the surrounding area would include:

  • Alcohol or drug counselling: This is well worth considering because a professional counsellor can help the individual explore their options. Even those individuals who are not fully convinced that they have a serious addiction can benefit from speaking to this type of counsellor because they will able to help the client to explore the reality of their situation. Another good reason for choosing this type of addiction help is that the counsellor will be aware of all the different recovery options available to you.
  • Entering an alcohol and drug rehab in Chester is a big step, but it is often something that is recommended for those who are serious about ending an addiction. It can be particularly important for those people who have been addicted for many years to enter this type of inpatient program. There are a number of rehab in Chester options for people living in the area as well as some options further afield.
  • The internet has become a great resource for anyone trying to break away from addition. All the information that the individual could even need will be available on here. There are also online support communities for people in recovery. These can be a great resource for advice and encouragement.

Specialised Treatment Programmes

At Addiction Helper, we always recommend inpatient rehab treatment as this has proven the most successful treatment option in preventing a relapse. Inpatient rehab is also known as residential treatment and means that you stay in, or at, the rehab for the duration of your detox and treatment. You are provided with a room and three meals a day as well as specialised treatment and counselling activities throughout the day. Your therapist will monitor your progress on a daily basis and, where needed, medication will be prescribed to help you with your withdrawal and detox. The treatment programme will also be adapted to meet your individual needs and requirements in order to ensure that you get the best possible results from your stay.

Another option is outpatient treatment. This is only recommended in cases where you have a very strong and supportive family unit and environment or where it is extremely difficult to commit to residential rehab due to school, work or other commitments. Outpatient means that you go to the rehab on a daily basis for treatment but return home after your day’s rehab activities have been completed. If you’re going through detox, your progress will be monitored by a registered nurse or other specialist on a daily (if not more) basis and he or she will give you medication to help you when needed.

Many addicts think that they can detox and recover by just joining a local support group like the AA or NA. This is almost never sufficient though. Although the group can offer incredible support to those trying to stay ‘clean’ and ‘sober’, they cannot address the thought patterns and underlying emotions that go with abusing drugs or alcohol. That is what your specialised treatment programme in rehab is all about.

How Will I Benefit From Rehab In Chester?

Going into detox and rehab in Chester is an important step towards a life free of drugs and alcohol. Going through detox before rehab treatments will help you clear your system of the drugs or alcohol and give your body a chance to heal and adapt to life without those foreign substances. Rehab will then give you the chance to address the underlying issues and emotions that led you to abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place.

While in rehab in Chester, you will also have the opportunity through individual and family counselling to repair your relationships with your family and the people closest to you. You will find it beneficial to learn more about yourself and find something in common with your loved ones that doesn’t involve getting high or drunk.

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Is Addiction Helper Going to Help Me?

Addiction Helper is a free and totally confidential addiction treatment referral service. We have the resources to be able to answer any questions that you may have about the rehab process. Even if you’re not ready to commit to going to rehab yet, we can talk through your options with you and perhaps provide the answers that will help you make up your mind.

If you want to quit drugs and alcohol, we believe that we are your best chance for finding the most appropriate treatment options available to you at the moment. We will carry out an intensive assessment of your situation and circumstances and then make recommendations that will meet your specific needs and requirements. This includes considering NHS programmes where applicable.

Our friendly helpline staff and counsellors can also help to arrange your immediate admission to a rehab in Chester or the surrounding area should that be required. Whatever your question or need, we are prepared to help you resolve it. Our trained counsellors will spend as much time on the phone with you as is needed to help you make this life-altering decision.

It is easy to get hold of Addiction Helper. You can call our helpline, or contact us through this website. We even offer an online chat option. It’s all confidential and there’s no obligation on your part. If all you want is information, give us a call. If you want help going to rehab, Addiction Helper will help you choose the most appropriate one for you.

Don’t delay. Give us a call today. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can begin to live a life free of substance abuse.

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