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One of the barriers to recovery from addiction is unrealistic expectation. If the individual expects everything to fall into place as soon as they become sober they will usually end up feeling disappointed. Giving up alcohol or drugs is usually on the first step (albeit a hugely important step) in the journey to recovery. It is important that people in Whittlesey who are about to break away from their addiction should try to keep their expectations in check.

Importance of Patience in Recovery

Patience can be a very important asset for people in recovery. The individual will usually not have their drug or alcohol addiction overnight so it is unreasonable to expect that things will be fixed overnight. The reality is that the person will usually have to work hard and remain motivated over the long haul in order to build the type of life that they desire. This is not to say that the individual has to wait before they begin enjoying life, because this is not the case at all. Things will start improving for the individual as soon as they quit their addiction, and they can begin enjoying these improvements right away. Over time though, the individual should that their drug and alcohol recovery just keeps leading them to new and better things.

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Another thing that people in Whittlesey who are trying to beat addiction should keep in mind is that the goal is progress and not perfection. It is noble to try to become the best possible person, but it unrealistic to expect that sobriety will instantly turn a person into a saint. Entering a drug or alcohol rehab will give a person a great start in their recovery, but the individual will have to keep putting sufficient effort in to ensure further progress – the journey never really ends.

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