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Addiction is a leading cause of poor health and premature death in the UK; the biggest tragedy is that many of these illnesses and deaths can be avoided. If you are living in the city of Ely and are in need of help for substance abuse and addiction, please be aware that there are many organisations in your area offering fantastic programmes of detox and rehabilitation. It is our mission here at Addiction Helper to assist those in need of drug and alcohol rehab in Ely in finding the facilities that provide it.

As a referral service, we work closely with organisations such as private clinics, support groups, charities, and the NHS to make sure that everyone can access addiction services as and when they need it. However, we do not provide alcohol or drug rehab in Ely ourselves.

Instead, we offer helpful advice and comprehensive assessments to those who believe they may be in need of help. We understand that coming to terms with addiction is tough and finding the right rehab in Ely can be even tougher. We want you to know that this is a job that you do not have to undertake – we can do it for you.

How We Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ely

If you are struggling with your consumption of alcohol or drugs, then let us help. Admitting to having a problem is often the hardest part of the recovery process, but finding a provider of alcohol or drug rehab in Ely can be made even harder when addiction clouds your mind. The good news is that all you have to do to access the help you need is give us a call.

We cannot provide information on the best rehab in Ely for an individual until we speak with them. The reason for this is that not every person will benefit from the same provider or the same type of programme.

To ensure that your requirements are met, we will need to first determine what your needs are. It is essential that we gauge your level of addiction before recommending any treatment programme. If you have a substance abuse problem that has not yet reached the stage of full-blown addiction, you may benefit from an outpatient programme provided by a local charity. On the other hand, if your problem is severe, it could be necessary for you to consider a programme of inpatient treatment instead.

In addition to your treatment needs, we will also take other factors into consideration such as your preferences, your commitments, and your health. It is important that you are comfortable with your treatment provider on all levels.

How Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Ely Can Improve Your Life

If your life has been negatively impacted by your drug or alcohol use, there is something you can do. You can reach out for drug or alcohol rehab in Ely and work on getting things back on an even keel. Below are some of the areas that are often affected by addiction:

  • Health – The mental and physical health of addicts is usually negatively affected. There are many short- and long-term effects of substance abuse that can be improved with treatment. Problems such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and liver damage can often be reversed when you stop drinking or taking drugs.
  • Relationships – If your relationship are being harmed by your actions while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then you can look forward to improvements when you are no longer abusing these substances. Imagine being able to mend fences with your family members and friends – this is certainly possible when you turn your back on addiction.
  • Finances – You will probably be spending quite a lot of money feeding your habit, and you can expect your financial situation to get worse if you continue in this vein. The longer you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, the worse your situation will become. You will need to drink more or take more drugs, which will have an even further impact on your finances. Overcoming your addiction now could prevent you from plunging yourself and your family into dire financial straits.

Featured Ely Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Is Residential Rehab in Ely a Good Choice?

When it comes to beating addiction, you have a number of options. Among these, you can try to quit on your own, or you can choose to get treatment from professionals. Trying to quit by yourself is certainly possible, but for most people, this is a non-starter because they will be unable to stay sober unless they tackle the issues that caused their addiction in the first place.

If you are availing of professional help, you can choose an outpatient programme or a residential programme. An outpatient programme is generally accepted as sufficient for those who do not have a severe addiction and who have plenty of support at home. Nevertheless, if you are severely addicted to drugs or alcohol, you might want to consider a programme of residential drug or alcohol rehab in Ely. There are many reasons for this.

The first reason is that fact that you will be removed from your everyday life and placed in an environment where there are no distractions and no temptations. This can be a huge advantage for those who would find it almost impossible to stay sober in the outside world.

Residential rehab is typically provided by private clinics, and programmes tend to last for between six and eight weeks. The programme is intensive and concentrated with patients having little option but to focus on their recovery and nothing else.

While residential programmes are a good option for most, they may not be suitable for everyone. There are some individuals who would not benefit from a residential programme due to being unable to be away from home for weeks at a time. This could be because they have young children or commitments at work. It may also be that they would be unable to concentrate on recovery if they were away from their loved ones for an extended period. In this instance, an outpatient programme would be the best option.

We want you to know that whatever your requirements, we will endeavour to find a programme that will suit. We are available 24-hours a day to answer any queries you may have or to provide information on your options for treatment.

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