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Do You Need Addiction Help?

If you are concerned about your drinking or drug use then this can be a sign that you need some type of help. This will be particularly true if you have already tried to stop or reduce your intake but failed to manage this. The reality is that social drinkers do not struggle to control the amount they drink, and if people are struggling they have likely already crossed the line into addiction. This often means that the individual has developed a physical and psychological dependency on these substances and unless they can escape they will be caught in a downward spiral. The individual risks losing everything, including their life and their sanity, so getting help to end the addiction can be vital.

Options for Addiction Help in Cambridgeshire

Those looking for drug or alcoholic help in Cambridgeshire will find that there are a few options available to them. The most important thing will always be the individual’s willingness to change, but if they have reached this stage of surrender the resources that they need to make sobriety are a reality will be available. It is important to emphasise the fact that unless the person is 100% committed they are unlikely to get the most form any type of addiction treatment.

How to Find Addiction Help in Cambridgeshire

Here are just a few ideas for finding drug or alcohol help in Cambridgeshire:

  • The internet can be highly useful in allowing people to see the available resources. Most rehab facilities will have their own website, and there is also hundreds of websites that provide impartial information. Personal recovery blogs can be a good place to go for inspiration and advice, and the better ones will have all the latest news from addiction research. One of the most useful options would be the online recovery communities where it is possible to not only get good advice but also support and encouragement.
  • It is possible to contact rehabs directly and ask them for advice. Those people who are going to choose an inpatient facility are wise to check out what the different places have to offer. Of course this type of research should not be used as a delaying tactic to avoid actually entering this facility. The longer the person waits the more likely they will be to change their mind.
  • Another thing worth considering would be drug or alcohol counselling. This can be particular useful for those individuals who are not fully convinced that they need to end the addiction. This counsellor will be able to help the individual come to terms with their situation. They will also be able to offer practical advice for overcoming the addiction. Most drug counselling these days is based on the idea that there is no one size fits all approach to recovery so they will provide options to suit the individual.
  • There are many self help groups that can help the individual overcome their addiction. The most well known of all these groups would be those that are based on the 12 Steps (this includes fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous). The great thing about these communities is that they offer their services for free, and they not only provide fellowship but also a program for living.
  • Some people do manage to break away from addiction with minimum assistance, but these individuals are in the minority. The problem is that almost all addicts assume that they can do it on their own – at least initially. Those individuals who have already tried and failed on multiple occasions to stop should consider a different option. This could include things like rehab or alcoholic counselling.

There are many options available for those who hope to quit an addiction. There is no one right path to recovery for everyone – only paths to suit different individuals.

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How to Get the Most Out of Rehab

One of the best options for people who are trying to break away from addiction will be for them to enter drug or alcoholic rehabilitation centres. Of course, the individual will need to put in the required effort in order to get the most out of the experience. The other ways that the individual can increase their chances of success in this type of facility will include:

  • It is vital that the individual keeps an open mind when they enter rehab. The reality is that addiction can cause people to pick up many unhelpful beliefs and opinions, and they will need to keep an open mind in order to be able to get rid of these hindrances. It is important to avoid saying no to things all the time into rehab but instead say yes as much as possible.
  • The person will need to be very proactive in order to get the most out of this experience. This is because nobody else will be able to do the work for them. It is the job of the rehab to provide the individual with the resources and help that they need in order to build a life in recovery, but it will always be up to the person to make use of these tools. The aim of the staff members in these facilities is to empower the individual so that they are able to take charge of their own life.
  • The people who enter rehab need to be willing to work hard and make the most out of every opportunity available.
  • The person should be preparing for the transition from rehab to home from day one. The whole point of this facility is to help the individual cope with they get home – it is not about learning how to stay sober in rehab.
  • The individual should not be afraid to have fun in rehab, and they should not take themselves too seriously. Having fun and socialising can be as much a part of the recovery process as all the other therapeutic interventions.
  • It is also vital that when people enter rehab that they are prepared to be honest. It is the secrets and lies that will prevent people from making progress.

Fellowship Meetings in Cambridgeshire

  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Primary Purpose Meeting – Monday 19:00 – Addenbrookes Hospital, Seminar Room, Hills Road, Cambridge
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Lunchtime Open Meeting – Tuesday 12:00 – Conservatory, Ground Floor, St Columbas Church Hall, Downing Place, Cambridge
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Women’s Meeting – Tuesday 19:15 – Common Room, George Pateman Court, Tennison Rd, Cambridge
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – A Vision For You Meeting – Saturday 19:00 – George Pateman Court Community Hall, Tenison Rd, Cambridge
  • Narcotics Anonymous – Just for Today Meeting – Monday 19:30 – Bermuda Road Community Room, Histon Road, Cambridge
  • Narcotics Anonymous – Lunchtime Meeting – Wednesday 12:30 – Ross St Neighbourhood Centre, Ross Street, Cambridge

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