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Marlow is home to some residents struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. The unfortunate reality is that no community in England is free from the scourge of drugs and alcohol. However, just as in most other communities, there is help available by way of drug and alcohol rehab in Marlow.

That help also comes by way of our 24-hour addiction recovery helpline. Here at Addiction Helper, our only mission is to assist those who call us by providing counselling and referral services to alcohol and drug rehab in Marlow. Our counsellors are trained and compassionate individuals who have all the knowledge and experience necessary to help you. We want to help, whether you are calling for yourself or a loved one.

We can find a programme of rehab in Marlow for you that will not only meet your treatment needs but also your individual circumstances. No matter where you come from or how much money you have, we want you to know that there is a programme available that will work for you.

Helping You Find Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Marlow

When an alcoholic or drug addict calls our helpline, we walk the individual through the process of identifying his or her problem and selecting a method of treatment. We prefer residential treatment at a private clinic, knowing such treatments provide the best possible chances of permanent recovery. Nevertheless, we can also advise about services provided through charities, support groups and the NHS.

Family members or friends who call on behalf of someone else receive similar help. Rather than trying to convince the caller to enrol in a treatment programme though, we advise the individual on how he or she can best help his or her stricken loved one. That might include advice about conducting an intervention. It might also mean providing information regarding alcohol or drug rehab in Marlow so that the family is ready to choose a programme as soon as their loved one agrees to seek help.

What we want you to know is that Addiction Helper is here to assist you with your own drug and alcohol problem or those of a loved one. You can get help with drug and alcohol rehab in Marlow if you are willing to pick up the phone and call us.

Is Residential Rehab in Marlow Right for You?

Residential rehab is usually the better option because of the environment it provides. Unlike outpatient treatment, where recovering addicts return to their homes and circumstances at the end of each day, residential treatment involves the individual living at the facility for up to 12 weeks. This provides for a period of separation that enables the recovering addict to be set apart from his or her daily routine and circumstances. The quiet and peaceful environment of the residential clinic offers plenty of time for introspection, counselling and thinking.

Another massive advantage of choosing a residential programme with a private clinic is the fact that treatment can usually begin within one to two days after the initial enquiry, unlike with programmes provided by charities or the NHS, where long delays are common.

The reason free programmes tend to have lengthy waiting lists is the fact that they are in such huge demand. Most people head straight to the NHS when in need of treatment for any illness, but these services are severely underfunded and unfortunately cannot meet the demands placed upon them.

Despite the many benefits of private residential treatment for addiction, an inpatient programme is not suitable for everyone. There are some individuals who would find it impossible to be away from home for an extended period due to family or work commitments.

If residential treatment is not right for you or your loved one, there are other options available. Please call our helpline so we can inform you about those options. Without all of the information, you will not be able to make an informed decision.

What is Alcohol and Drug Rehab Like?

When it comes to beating addiction, it is necessary to complete a fully comprehensive programme of recovery that includes a detox, rehabilitation, and aftercare. Below is a brief explanation of what each part of the process is like.


A detox programme is designed to break the physical addiction. It should take place in a supervised facility to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient. The process begins when the individual quits alcohol or drugs and the body starts to heal itself by eliminating any remaining chemicals that remain after years of abuse.

Detox programmes usually last for between one and two weeks, with the patient experiencing a variety of symptoms that can be mild, moderate, or severe in intensity. Medical staff can ease any discomfort felt from the withdrawal symptoms and can even prevent the worst symptoms from occurring.

Featured Marlow Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres


Rehabilitation programmes are either outpatient or inpatient based and aim to address any psychological issues pertaining to the illness. The type of programme that a person chooses will usually depend on his or her circumstances and the severity of the illness.

Inpatient programmes usually take place in distraction-free environments in comfortable surroundings and are typically provided by private clinics. Patients stay in the clinic for the duration of their treatment, which is usually anywhere between six and twelve weeks.

Outpatient programmes are not as intensive as inpatient programmes and therefore carry on for longer. Some programmes last for many months while others continue for more than a year. Patients do not stay in the clinic and therefore must tackle their recovery while dealing with everyday life at the same time.


Aftercare is designed to help with the maintenance of sobriety. It is often provided as part of a rehabilitation programme and allows patients to continue with regular counselling sessions or it can be provided by local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

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