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Substance abuse is a slippery slope that often leads to addiction when left untreated. The thing to understand about substance abuse is that is not just limited to alcohol and hard-core drugs like cocaine and heroin. Every day there are people travelling down the road of addiction by way of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. And of course, do not forget legal highs like Ivory Wave and mephedrone.

If you are visiting our website because you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, we sincerely hope you’re ready to look for help. Addiction Helper specialises in providing counselling and referrals for rehab in Gerarrds Cross. We have established our helpline specifically for the purpose of providing you assistance. Our helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by experienced and compassionate counsellors ready to answer your questions and give you some direction.

Please know that we are not here to condemn or pass judgement on you. We understand how difficult it can be to admit you have a problem and, after doing so, to accept rehab treatment. We know that you are likely facing a level of fear and apprehension most of us will never experience ourselves. Nevertheless, please also understand that the first step in recovery is admitting you need help.

How We Can Help

Addiction Helper was established with one mission in mind: to assist those who contact us in finding drug and alcohol rehab in Gerarrds Cross and beyond. To that end, we work with a long list of recovery service providers including private clinics, charities, support groups, etc. Each of our service providers offers rehab treatments in line with today’s most successful recovery strategies.

We want you to know that Addiction Helper believes in offering bespoke treatments designed with the individual in mind. We do not believe there is a single treatment that works well for everyone in every single circumstance. And that is why you need to call and speak with us. We need the opportunity to assess your current situation in order to recommend the most appropriate treatment.

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Recovery Starts Today

When you call us for help in Gerarrds Cross, you will not have to wait weeks or months for treatment. Your recovery starts today, the moment you pick up the phone. When you call we will assess your situation, help you choose a private rehab clinic and, if necessary, even assist you in making admission arrangements. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with treatment.

Rest assured that all of our clinics are fully licenced and certified to provide drug and alcohol rehab in Gerarrds Cross. Clinics are staffed by medical professionals with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you complete a successful recovery programme. Everyone involved in the process is 100% committed to you.

Addiction Helper assists addicts and their families in Gerarrds Cross. We also provide free and confidential services throughout England and the UK. Our addiction recovery helpline is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We offer dedicated local treatment across Buckinghamshire including Milton KeynesHigh WycombeAylesburyBuckinghamAmershamBeaconsfieldChesham, and Marlow.