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Aylesbury is a fantastic place to live but like other parts of the world there will be people living in the area who are dealing with severe problems. One of the most devastating issues impacting people these days can be addiction – this is something that not only affects the individual but also their family and friends. There are many resources that can help the individual to break away from this behaviour, but they have to be willing to make use of these resources. The problem is that these individuals can be so caught in denial that they can fail to see what is so obvious to other people. Things may have to get really bad before they are prepared to consider drug or alcohol detox or other solutions.

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It is often suggested that people need to hit rock bottom before they are able to break away from addiction. It is important to understand what is meant by this wisdom as there can be a great deal of misunderstanding in this regard. The need to hit rock bottom should not be taken as implying that the individual needs to lose everything before they are ready for drug and alcohol rehab – this is not what is meant at all. Rock bottom is a highly subjective state, and it just means that the individual has decided that they have had enough. Some people will have a high rock bottom where they become willing to quit even though they have lost relatively little as a result of their addiction. Those individuals who are waiting for some magical rock bottom to occur that will make ending the addiction easy can die while they wait. The only time to enter drug and alcohol treatment is now, and there is never any excuse for postponing this.

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