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Addiction Help in Bristol

One of the reasons for why people end up staying in the midst of addiction for so long is that they feel powerless and alone. The individual is caught in a downward spiral, and their self esteem receives such a hammering that they no longer feel able to break away from this self destructive behaviour. This means that even when the individual is able to recognise the reality of their situation they can still feel trapped. It is for this reason that it will often be necessary for the individual to receive some type of help in order for them to break away from addiction.

Resistance to Recovery Help

It can be difficult even for people who are in real trouble to admit that they need help. The individual who is addicted will have all types of excuses for why they do not need rehab or other recovery options. They will claim to be able to go it alone, yet their attempts to quit are usually short lived, and they seem no closer to escaping their addiction problems. It is true that some people do manage to break away from this type of behaviour, but there are some good reasons for why the individual should be open to addiction help including:

  • They say that if you keep on doing the same things you will keep on getting the same results. If people have already tried to go it alone in recovery but failed then maybe it is time for them to try something different.
  • Most substance abusers will be able to give up alcohol or drugs for weeks or maybe even months at a time, but in order to become happy and prepared for long term recovery the individual will need a new way of dealing with life. Going to rehab is more than just stopping the substance abuse, it is about giving the individual the tools they need in order to build a new and better life.
  • When people become physically sober they will usually be still left with the reasons for why they turned to these substances in the first place. The return of these problems will either cause the person to relapse or drive them to new maladaptive behaviours. By going to an alcohol or drug rehabilitation centre the individual will have the opportunity to dig down to the root causes of their behaviour, and to remove these causes.
  • The path of recovery is full of wrong turnings and pitfalls unless the person is prepared for what lies ahead. By entering a rehab facility the individual will have the opportunity to learn from all of those people who have previously travelled this same path. This means that they can learn how to avoid all the most common mistakes.
  • It is likely that the individual will have many unhealthy beliefs and opinions that will get in the way of their recovery from addiction. By attending this type of facility the individual will have these ideas challenged.

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What Happens in Bristol Rehabs?

One of the most common reasons for why people resist alcohol and drug rehab is that they have misunderstandings about what this actually involved. If the individual is aware of the reality of this type of facility it will usually lead to a lessening in their resistance. Some of the things worth considering about alcohol and drug addiction treatment centres are:

  • When the individual first arrives in this facility they will usually undergo a full assessment. This is to ensure that the treatment program that they will be following will be adequate for their requirements. Each individual is unique, and the recovery community now generally recognises that a one size fits all approach is not effective.
  • The multidisciplinary team in these facilities are not there to tell the individual what to do. There job is to work in a collaborative way with the client. The aim is to empower the individual so that they are able to take charge of their own recovery.
  • The client who enters drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres will never be asked to do anything that is unreasonable. They will be expected to follow rules and regulations, but these are to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the facility. The individual will also be expected to participate in the activities that are going to help them get better.
  • Most private rehabs offer a very luxurious and comfortable environment. This is because it is recognised that if the individual does not feel comfortable in their surroundings, they will not be able to get the most out of the program. In most of these places the resident will have their own room and often their own en suite facilities as well.
  • There is usually plenty of time in rehab for fun. There will be group activities to enjoy and also plenty of time for socialising and relaxing.

What Happens After Bristol Rehabs?

Another worry that people have about rehab is how they will cope afterwards. This is a valid concern, and it should be something that person is prepared for. The whole point of these facilities is to get the individual ready for the real world, and this preparation begins on day one. All the tools and resources that the individual needs to deal with life in the real world will be provided, but it will of course be up to them to make the most of these tools.

In order for the person to survive the transition from rehab back to the real world they are going to require some type of aftercare program. This can come in the form of outpatient group therapy sessions or one to one session but another good option worth considering would be the 12 Step Groups. There are a number of these fellowships to choose from in Bristol including:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous – A Vision for You Meeting – Monday 19:30 – Victoria Methodist Church, 1A Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, Bristol
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Big Book Tuesday – Tuesday 20:00 – St Stephens Church, Common Room, St Stephens Street, Bristol
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Newcomers Feelings Discussion – Saturday 19:00 – Catholic Chaplaincy, 103 Queens Rd, Clifton, Bristol
  • Narcotics Anonymous – Newcomers Meeting – Monday 19:00 – Salvation Army, Logos House, 3 Wade Street Bristol.