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Alcohol and drug treatment centres for people in Brecon can be a significant first step to completely breaking away from addiction for good. These in-patient facilities can never guarantee success, but if the individual is fully willing to build a new life then the chances are very high that they will succeed. The reason for why most people fail is that they are ambivalent towards their recovery – they want to escape their current misery, but they have not fully given up on the idea that they will one day be able to drink or use drugs safely. So long as the individual holds even a glimmer of hope of this possibility it will be difficult for them to get the most out of any rehabilitation clinics.

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Admitting Complete Defeat is the First Step in Victory over Addiction

It may sound strange but admitting defeat can actually be the first step in victory over addiction. This does not mean that the person is giving up and accepting their situation – instead the individual decides that they are giving up fighting addiction. The person accepts that they are never going to be able to bring their alcohol or drug use under control so they choose another path. They decide to leave the battle completely. This means that rather than trying to control their usage they stop using completely. This is the point in addiction that the individual in Brecon needs to reach if they want to have the best chance of recovery from addiction.

By surrendering to recovery the individual actually ends up a winner. They find that not drinking or drug using is far easier than going to battle with it. Over time the person comes to realise that they rarely think about alcohol or drugs – and they definitely do not miss it.

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