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Addiction Helper Rehab LIVESEARCH shows every Alcohol and Drug Rehab centre in Borders and provides a complete overview of each facility including reviews from previous treatment centre residents.

The Borders region of Scotland and England is an area of rich history dating back hundreds of years. Over centuries of conflict, both countries determined to stay true to who they are, despite disagreements with each other and other invading countries. Their often-turbulent history is remembered in the region’s monuments, memorials, and battle-scarred countryside.

Likewise, drugs and alcohol have created their own form of conflict in the Borders. As you may already know, substance abuse and addiction are problems that wreak havoc on lives and relationships. You may even be struggling with a drug or alcohol problem yourself. If not, you may know someone who is. Regardless of why you are visiting our website today, Addiction Helper wants to be of assistance. Our primary mission is to help those in need by providing free referral and evaluation services.

We can help you or a loved one find appropriate treatment for:

  • alcohol
  • illegal drugs
  • legal highs
  • prescription and OTC drugs
  • household chemicals and solvents
  • behavioural addictions such as gambling and sex.

We have seen countless numbers of substance abusers and addicts regain control of their lives through professional treatment and support. We want to see the same thing happen to you. Please take advantage of our free services in the Borders by contacting us through this website or by phone.

Dangers of Addiction

Time and experience have shown us that nothing good can come from addiction. This is why Addiction Helper strongly urges those in the early stages of alcohol or drug abuse to get treatment right away. Left untreated, substance abuse usually leads to a destructive addiction. And make no mistake; addiction is dangerous. Addiction can result in:

  • Health Problems – Drugs and alcohol take a toll on the mind and body. It is impossible to be addicted and not suffer short and long-term health problems; many addicts eventually die prematurely as a result of the physical damage.
  • Psychological Problems – In addition to the toll drugs and alcohol take on the body, the mind is also adversely affected. It is very common for substance abusers to develop psychological problems that may include depression and paranoia. This is no way to live.
  • Relationship Problems – Substance abuse and addiction destroy relationships. Abusers and addicts often lose relationships with their partners, their children, their extended family, and most of their friends. They find themselves isolated and alone as a result.
  • Financial Problems – It is impossible to work a steady job, and do it correctly, when a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many substance abusers lose their jobs, then go on to complete financial ruin without a steady income.
  • Legal Issues – Losing one’s job because of addiction is a quick entry into crime. You could find yourself in trouble with the law after committing crimes to feed your habit.

Featured Borders Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

You may be in a position where you believe you have a world of troubles being caused by other people and circumstances. You might also believe that drugs and alcohol are the only things helping you cope with your problems. This kind of thinking is typical of substance abusers, but it is incorrect. Drugs and alcohol are not the solutions to your problems they are the cause of them. Your life can never be put back on track until you overcome your substance abuse or addiction problem.

Why Treatment Works

Addiction Helper works with private rehab clinics and other service providers offering effective treatments to substance abusers and addicts. What our clinics offer is not merely a quick visit from a GP followed by a prescription or two and an encouragement to do better. Our clinics offer proven treatments based on the latest science and our understanding of substance abuse and addiction. It works because it gets to the root of addiction problems.

The truth is that addiction is both a physical and mental issue. Some of our clinics go so far as to also include a spiritual component. The point is this: rarely does a seven-day detox programme solve an addiction problem on its own. The roots of addiction go far deeper than just physical dependence.

A typical 12-week programme at one of our residential clinics follows the basic three-stage process:

  • Detox The first stage of recovery is physical detox. This is necessary in order to bring an end to the influence drugs and alcohol has on the brain. Only after a person has detoxed can he or she begin thinking clearly enough to enter the next stage.
  • Rehab The second stage of recovery is rehab. This stage involves 3 to 12 weeks of psychotherapeutic treatments that address the mental and emotional issues. It is designed to help recovering addicts understand the process of addiction, what triggers their compulsions, and how to avoid future urges to use.
  • Aftercare Upon completion of residential rehab, the recovering addict enters the third stage of recovery known as aftercare. In the aftercare stage, follow-up services are provided through counselling, group support, and other opportunities. The goal of aftercare is to prevent future relapse.

As you can see from our description of the three stages of recovery, professional treatment goes above and beyond the cursory treatment you might get from the NHS. The NHS does what it can with limited resources, but it is incapable of providing the comprehensive treatment available from a private rehab clinic. Private clinics are more successful because they offer thorough, concentrated treatment in a setting that is very conducive to recovery.

Choosing Your Treatment

The addiction recovery community used to think that every client could be treated using the same approach and treatment plan. We have since learned otherwise. Contrary to the one-size-fits-all model of the past, there is no single treatment that works for everyone. Individual clients need bespoke treatment plans based on their circumstances, general health, history, and current level of addiction.

This new approach to treatment means every client has choices. When you contact Addiction Helper for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, we can provide a free and comprehensive assessment of your situation. We can then recommend a list of private rehab clinics and other treatment providers capable of offering you the most appropriate treatments. Our job is to help you choose a treatment that will work for you.

Ultimately, whether or not you get well is entirely up to you. Addiction Helper cannot force you into treatment; we cannot force you to stop using drugs or alcohol. However, if you are willing to admit your problem and get the help you need, we can get you moving in the right direction.

As an organisation, We work with various treatment providers across the UK and worldwide. This enables us to direct each client to the most appropriate treatment. Our services are offered free of charge and with the strictest confidentiality. We hope you will take advantage of our services today. The sooner you do, the sooner the process of recovery can begin.