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Help for alcoholics and drug users is available if people are ready to end their addiction. Those people who are currently living in the Coldstream area will find that there are a number of option open to them in this regard. There is no service or resource that can guarantee and end to an addiction, but if the individual is completely willing to change the chances are excellent that there will be an option to suit them. Some of the possible paths to recovery for people in Coldstream would include:

  • Groups like AA and NA can be a great resource for people who are trying to overcome an addiction, but this is not an option that seems to work for everyone. Some people are put off by the spiritual emphasis in these recovery programs. There are other more secular groups available, but there will not be as many meetings available as there is with the 12 step groups.

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  • Drug and alcohol counselling can be another good route into recovery. This professional will be able to help the individual to come to terms with the reality of their situation, and together the therapist and client can devise a path away from addiction. One of the benefits of this type of counselling is that this person will usually be aware that there is no solution that fits everyone, and they will be able to recommend different options.
  • It is possible to approach alcohol and drug clinics directly for information and advice.
  • The internet is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for help with dealing with an addiction. This makes it easy to obtain up to date information about resources for quitting substance abuse. There are also online recovery communities that can provide direct advice as well as support.
  • A GP can also be a good source for advice and direct help

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