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When looking for help for addiction problems in Reading it is helpful to first check out some of the online resources. There is a treasure trove of information available online, and there will be specific resources that apply to addiction treatment in Reading. It is also worth visiting some of the recovery fellowships where people there can offer practical advice and encouragement. It is important that this fact-finding stage of overcoming addiction is not used as a delaying tactic because if people wait too long they can end up losing their motivation to quit.

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The Stages of Quitting an Addiction

It is often suggested that quitting an addiction involves passing through a number of different stages including:

  • The individual recognises that there is a problem. This sometimes happens with the help of drug or alcohol counselling.
  • The person becomes willing to break away from addiction.
  • The individual begins looking for resources that will help them overcome the substance abuse.
  • They take action to end the addiction such as entering drug or alcohol rehabilitation centres.
  • The person enters early recovery where they begin to learn the skills needed for long term recovery.
  • The individual passes into the recovery maintenance stage where they keep on doing the things that have been keeping them sober.
  • After about two years the individual passes into advanced recovery. They are not cured but staying sober becomes much easier and almost second nature.

It is possible for the individual to get stuck at any of the early stages, and this is dangerous because it can mean that the person is more likely to relapse. It is often said that recovery is a process and an event, and this means that the person has to keep on making progress in order to remain sober.

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