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The idea that addiction is an illness that affects only those who abuse the substance is completely false. Across the UK, families are being torn apart by one member’s addiction, and this happens in the town of Newbury just as it does in other towns and cities across the country. For that reason, both drug and alcohol rehab in Newbury is more important than ever. For most families, the only way to get things back on track is by accessing professional help.

Overcoming an addiction is not just a concern for the individual but also their family and friends. It is often said that addiction is a family disease, and this is because it can cause such destruction within this whole unit. The family has to learn how to cope with a member who is causing havoc and may be even violent at times. It is often children who suffer the most, and they can grow up traumatised by their experiences with an addicted parent. It is therefore usually necessary that there is plenty of support for families. Thankfully, both alcohol and drug rehab in Newbury is readily available, and most rehab providers include family therapy as part of their programme.

To access rehab in Newbury, you can get in touch with us here at Addiction Helper. We work closely with all providers of rehab in the UK, including the NHS, private clinics, local support groups, and charity organisations. We want you to know that it does not matter where you come from or how much money you have, you are entitled to help for addiction, and we can help you to access it.

How Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Newbury Can Help Families to Recover?

When an addict decides to break away from their addiction it is a reason to celebrate. It does not mean that all the problems are over for them or their family though. In order to cope with the addiction, the family may have used negative coping strategies that caused this unit to become dysfunctional – there may be co-dependency issues. Members of the family can continue to rely on these maladaptive coping mechanisms even after their loved one has become sober. In fact, they may even find it harder to cope because the rules are no longer certain. This is why it is important that alcohol and drug rehab in Newbury is readily available to help the family make it through this period of adjustment.

Counselling and support groups can help loved ones cope when the individual returns from drug and alcohol rehab in Newbury. This will give them an idea about what to expect, and they can begin to learn new coping strategies. Just because the person has become sober does not usually mean that their behaviour will automatically be immaculate – it is important that people have realistic expectations.

With that in mind, it is important for you to be aware that while our main focus is on helping addicts to overcome their illnesses, we are also here to help family members recover. If you would like more information on how we can assist you and your other family members to overcome a loved one’s addiction, please call us today.

What Is Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Newbury Like?

Just as it is in other parts of the United Kingdom, rehab in Newbury is either inpatient or outpatient based. With an inpatient programme, the individual will move from his or her home to a special facility with other recovering addicts. This residential clinic will be staffed around the clock by caring and passionate individuals dedicated to helping patients get better.

Accommodation is typically to a high standard and each day will be spent in counselling and therapy. The programme of care is intensive and structured, which is what the recovering addict needs. There are little or no distractions, and the patient will have no access to temptations while in the clinic. This means that he or she can get on with the task at hand without worrying about other issues.

Outpatient programmes are typically suited to those with a less severe addiction. It requires a real desire to change and a commitment to work hard to stay sober. Those with a strong support network at home will usually find that this type of programme is adequate for their requirements. A more severe addiction might require an inpatient programme.

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Do You Need Help Accessing Rehab in Newbury?

Are you ready to get started on a journey that will change your life completely? Do you want to wake up knowing that you are no longer a slave to addiction? If so, we can help.

There is no doubting the fact that you could find a programme of rehabilitation yourself, but why should you? Trying to match your needs to a treatment provider can be tough if you have no experience of rehab and what to expect. If you are unsure of how severe your illness is, you might have no clue as to what type of programme will be most suited to your needs.

We know that it can take hours and even days to find the information you are searching for if you do not really know what you are looking for. Even then, you cannot be sure that the provider you have chosen is the one that is best for you and your needs. Why don’t you let us take care of finding the best programme for you?

You have nothing to lose by accessing our service – it is free and confidential and, most importantly, it is quick and easy. All you need to do is get in touch with us and allow us to evaluate your situation. When we have done this, you will have a clearer understanding of what you are dealing with. We will then provide you with a choice of rehab providers in your area from which you can choose the one you are most comfortable with, if you are ready to move forward on your journey to sobriety. If you are not ready, you can rest assured that you are under no obligation to do so.

Please get in touch with us today for advice and information regarding addiction and how to overcome it. We can answer any queries you may have and can put you in touch with a rehab provider that will meet your needs.

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