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Substance abuse can be a very scary thing to both the user and his or her family. Moreover, things get progressively worse as substance abuse evolves into addiction. However, thanks to the efforts of dedicated addiction recovery workers, those struggling with drugs and alcohol can find help wherever they live. If you need help in Earley, our addiction recovery helpline is a good place to start. If you are interested in accessing a programme of drug or alcohol rehab in Earley, we can help.

Addiction Helper assists people in Earley struggling with:

  • alcohol
  • illicit drugs
  • over-the-counter drugs
  • prescription medications
  • legal highs

We can help you whether you are in the early stages of abuse and misuse or a chronic addict at the end of your rope. All you need to do is get in touch with us by calling our 24-hour helpline. We can get you started on the road to recovery today. Why wait any longer? The sooner you call us, the sooner you can access a programme of alcohol or drug rehab in Earley, and when you do, you will be one step closer to a substance-free life. Isn’t that what you want?

What Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Earley Like?

You’ll be pleased to know that there are a variety of options for those looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Earley. Of course, the NHS offers a number of free services available at hospitals and drug rehab clinics throughout England. There are also support groups and charities ready and waiting to assist you. Having said that, we prefer to recommend our clients seek residential rehab at a private clinic. We believe private clinics offer the best chances of permanent success.

Most of those who call us begin their treatment with a 7 to 10-day detox period. When it is over, an individual is completely free of the substances he or she was previously using. Most withdrawal symptoms are also passed, though some can linger depending on the severity of the addiction. Prescription medications can sometimes help with those lingering symptoms.

The second is a 6 to 8-week rehab involving psychotherapeutic treatments, group counselling and 12-step work. This is the part of the treatment where recovering addicts learn how to identify the triggers of addictive behaviour and strategic ways to avoid them. This kind of rehab is essential for long-term sobriety.

Lastly, several months of aftercare services are provided once the residential treatment has concluded. Aftercare includes all of the support services the recovering addict needs to prevent relapse. Some of the more common support services include membership in a local support group and continuing one-on-one counselling.

Help Us Help You Find Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Earley

As a leading provider of counselling and referral services for rehab in Earley, our counsellors have plenty of experience helping addicts and their families. We know that asking for help can be a difficult thing to do. We know that many substance abusers are fearful of a life without drugs and alcohol. We hope you will trust us enough to let us help you.

It is our mission to help those in need of alcohol or drug rehab in Earley find the programmes that will work for them. We do this by assessing the severity of their illness and then matching them to a rehab provider who will meet all their needs.

As part of this assessment, we will ask questions about the type of substance you are using and how often you use it. We may also ask about your history of substance use for further clarification of how severe your addiction is. In addition, we will likely ask about your mental and physical health, your commitments at home and at work, and your finances because this will all help us to make sure we are only recommending treatment providers that you are completely comfortable with.

If you are ready to move on to a programme of recovery, we can help with the admission process if you wish. We want you to know that we are here to support you through every part of the process and that you can get in touch with us at any time for advice or information about the programme you have chosen.

Why Rehab in Earley?

If you are ready to access rehab in Earley, then you probably already know the damage that addiction can cause. Maybe you are suffering with both mental and physical health problems or maybe your relationships with family members and friends have been negatively affected. If so, then we want you to know that this tends to be par for the course with addiction.

It is not possible to continue abusing these chemical substances without it having a negative impact on various aspects of your life. Your health will inevitably suffer, and if you continue to abuse alcohol or drugs, the problems you are facing now will only get worse.

Those who continuously abuse mood-altering chemicals can go on to develop serious health complications, some of which can be life-threatening. Both mental and physical health is affected by substance abuse and addiction but by accessing a programme of recovery, many of these problems can be reversed.

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We Can Help You and Your Family Heal

Rehabilitation is vital for so many reasons. As well as helping individuals and their family members to overcome the damage caused by addiction, it can help lessen the negative impact on the economy and society in general. As substance abuse and addiction are linked to poor health, poverty, unemployment violent crime, homelessness, and premature death, it is clear to see that as much help as possible is necessary.

Billions of pounds are spent every year dealing with the aftermath of addiction, so the more people who can access rehabilitation, the better for everyone. If you would like more information on how to overcome

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