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If you are living under the weight of addiction every day, we want you to know it is entirely possible for you to break free from drugs and alcohol with the right kind of help. Addiction Helper is here to offer that help in Houghton Regis and beyond. We are working hard to be a vital link between the various providers offering both drug and alcohol rehab in Houghton Regis and those that need help overcoming this illness once and for all.

How can we help? By assisting you in understanding your problem and finding a treatment programme that can lead to complete recovery. Our 24-hour addiction recovery helpline was established for this very reason. Each of our professional counsellors possesses the knowledge, experience, and compassion to effectively assist every client who contacts us. If you believe you have an issue because of an addiction to alcohol or drugs, we want to hear from you. When you call us, we will begin working immediately to help you access a suitable programme of alcohol or drug rehab in Houghton Regis.

We know how much of a struggle it is to overcome substance abuse, and we know you cannot do it alone. However, there are many people ready and waiting to help you. From counsellors to therapists to your own family members, we all want to help you conquer your substance abuse demons. Nevertheless, you have to be willing to take that first step of calling us. You can rest assured that as soon as you do, we will help you to find a programme of rehab in Houghton Regis

Is There Residential Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Houghton Regis?

There are quite a few options for drug and alcohol rehab in Houghton Regis. Here at Addiction Helper, we usually recommend residential treatment as the best option. We believe the strengths of this kind of treatment offer addicts and their families the greatest chances of permanent success.

Residential treatment at a private clinic offers some very distinct advantages over other types of treatment:

  • concentrated care – private clinics focus only on addiction recovery, nothing else
  • dedicated caregivers – the doctors, nurses, therapists and support staff are 100% committed to your recovery
  • serene environment – the perfect environment for you to concentrate on getting well
  • no distractions – clients are protected from the distractions of the world outside
  • medical supervision – all care is medically supervised by experts in addiction recovery.

Perhaps the strongest advantage of the private residential clinic is the bespoke treatment plan. Rather than relying on a single method of treatment for every client, the private clinic customises treatments to each individual. Treatment plans are developed based on a number of factors, including the substances being used, the seriousness of the addiction, and the state of family relationships, history, and current health.

How to Choose an Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

Now that you know there is addiction recovery help available by way of alcohol and drug rehab in Houghton Regis, it is your move. Only you can make the decision to get well. We can help you, but you have to make the decision to accept the help we offer. Once you make that decision, you will have overcome the most difficult hurdle in the recovery process.

We can access rehab programmes in both the private and public sectors. While we believe that most people will benefit from residential rehab, we know that there are some who will not. We work with those who provide outpatient programmes too because we want to make sure that we can find a suitable programme for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

If you are ready to get started on the road to recovery and are keen to put your substance abuse days behind you, we ask that you call us today. As part of our service, we will provide you with a free assessment where we will look at various aspects of your life to determine what your treatment needs might be.

As well as asking about the type of substance you have been using and how long for, we will also ask about your budget, your personal preferences and whether you have any family or work commitments that might affect the type of programme you can access.

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How Can Houghton Regis Rehabs Help You?

It is common for those with addiction problems to hope that these will go away if they ignore them. Although addiction is similar to other illnesses in that they can affect anyone, it is unlike a viral illness that will pass by itself. Addiction can be treated but it cannot be cured.

If you are ready to move on to a substance-free life, you should know that this is entirely possible. Even those with the most severe addictions have managed to turn their backs on alcohol or drugs permanently but those who are successful in overcoming their addictions for good had help to get them to where they are today.

It is necessary to commit to a comprehensive programme of recovery if you want to get well. This means that you will need a detox if you have a physical addiction. You can tell that you are physically addicted to alcohol or drugs if you experience withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sweating, mood swings and headaches when you are in need of the substance you are using.

You will also have to complete a programme of rehabilitation to overcome the emotional and psychological issues associated with your illness. Rehab in Houghton Regis can help you get your life back on track, but you must be prepared to commit and do all you can to help yourself. Even the most committed staff members at the various rehab facilities around the UK cannot recover for you. You must take responsibility for your own recovery; if you do, a world of opportunity awaits you.

Addiction Helper offers free and confidential counselling and referral services across all of England and the rest of the UK. We work with private, residential clinics helping addicts and their families recover.

If you would like more information about us and what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can call our dedicated helpline or complete the contact page on this website and we will call you.

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