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Overcoming an addiction is possible if people are fully committed to this goal. If the individual is giving up just to please other people they will be less likely to succeed. They may be able to initially stop the substance abuse, but they may not have enough motivation to maintain lasting sobriety. Giving up an addiction involves a major change, and it takes a great deal of determination to make this a reality. The individual will need to be fully ready to let go of their old way of life – and reservations they might have can later become their undoing. It is also important that the person has access to the right type of resources to assist them in their quit – those individuals living in Dunstable will find that the help they need is available.

Resources to Help People Living in the Dunstable Area to Quit Addiction

In order to achieve anything worthwhile in life it is usually necessary to get the help of other people. The same is true of ending an addiction. The fact that the individual is unable to overcome their substance abuse alone is not a sign of weakness. The fact that they are willing to use things such as drug rehab and drug counselling is actually a sign of strength. It demonstrates that the person is determined to overcome their problem, and they are willing to make use of the available resources to do this.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Dunstable:

Eaton Bray

Alcoholics Anonymous
United Reformed Church Hall, Edward St, LU6 1HE
Tuesday, 20:00
Eaton Bray


Alcoholics Anonymous
The Salvation Army, Bull Pond Lane, LU6 3AH
Thursday, 19:30

Featured Dunstable Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

The type of resources that will be available to people living in the Dunstable area will include:

  • A GP can be a good starting point for getting help with an addiction.
  • Recovery fellowships such as the 12 Step groups can offer support an encouragement.
  • There are plenty of rehabs across the UK – those individuals who can go private will have the most choice.
  • An addiction counsellor will be able to offer advice and encouragement.

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