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It is easy for some people to assume that towns such as Dunstable might be exempt from issues such as substance abuse and addiction, but the reality is that nowhere is immune. In fact, addiction does not discriminate. It is not reserved for those who live in large urban cities and it is not something that affects only those from deprived areas. It is an illness that can affect anyone who uses mood-altering substances such as alcohol and drugs. The truth is that drug and alcohol rehab in Dunstable is as necessary as it is anywhere else in the UK.

Alcohol is a commonly abused substance in all parts of the country, but most people do not realise how dangerous it can be. Since it is a legal substance, it is often assumed that it is harmless and that addiction is something that happens to those who abuse illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin. The truth is that all mood-altering substances can cause addiction and because of this both alcohol and drug rehab in Dunstable are needed.

If addiction affects you, please contact us today. We work hard in all areas of the United Kingdom to put those in need of rehab services in contact with the facilities that provide them. We can help you find rehab in Dunstable quickly and easily; all we need from you is a moment of your time.

Finding Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Dunstable

It would be easy for us to recommend any provider of alcohol or drug rehab in Dunstable here, but this would not help you. The days of recommending the same provider and the same programme for everyone are, thankfully, long gone. It is much more effective to take your individual needs into consideration before recommending any type of rehab programme.

As each person with addiction is unique, the way in which he or she is affected is also unique. There is no benefit to providing a universal programme of care for everyone as it just will not work. Research and studies have shown that for a programme of rehabilitation to be effective, it must meet the needs of the individual.

With that in mind, we want to assure you that when you get in touch with us, we will discuss your situation in detail. We will ask questions about your substance use, both now and in the past. This will enable us to gauge the level of severity of your illness.

We will also ask about any commitments you may have at home or at work that could prevent you from accessing an inpatient programme. Your budget is also something we will consider, and your personal preferences are also important. We want to make sure you are comfortable with any provider that we recommend.

Why Drug or Alcohol Rehab Might be Something You Need

We know that it is difficult for those affected by addiction to accept their situation. It is actually far easier to deny the problem exists because at least that way, you do not have to deal with it.

If your loved ones have been voicing concerns about your alcohol or drug use, it might be a good idea to listen to what they have to say. It is our experience that family members and friends who suspect that addiction is a problem are often right.

It is easier for loved ones to spot the signs of addiction than it is for the person with the addiction. This is because the chemicals that are being used can cloud the mind and make it harder to see things clearly. It is also more difficult to make good decisions when alcohol and drugs are thrown into the mix.

Family members and friends often do not understand why their addicted loved one will continue to abuse alcohol or drugs when it is clearly causing harm. To the addict, things are not as clear. He or she is unable to resist the pull of the substance that he or she has been abusing. Even knowing that there will be negative consequences, the affected person is unable to prevent them self from succumbing to it.

If you have been abusing alcohol or drugs and are finding that you need more to achieve the feelings you desire than you used to, it may be that you have an increased tolerance to the effects. This is often what happens before a physical dependence develops. If you are at the stage where you have an increased tolerance to alcohol or drugs and nothing else, you could benefit from advice about how to cut back on your consumption. Nevertheless, if you have developed a physical dependence, then drug or alcohol rehab in Dunstable will more than likely benefit to you.

Please call Addiction Helper to find out for sure if you have an illness that requires professional help. With our free and confidential assessment, we can gauge the severity of your problem and can tell if you would benefit from a programme of detox and rehabilitation.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Dunstable:

Eaton Bray

Alcoholics Anonymous
United Reformed Church Hall, Edward St, LU6 1HE
Tuesday, 20:00
Eaton Bray


Alcoholics Anonymous
The Salvation Army, Bull Pond Lane, LU6 3AH
Thursday, 19:30

Featured Dunstable Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

What Treatment Do Dunstable Rehabs Offer?

Various organisations provide rehab in Dunstable. To improve your chances of permanent success, you should consider a comprehensive recovery programme that includes detox, rehabilitation, and aftercare. Below is a brief explanation of what each element is like:


Detox is the process that will help to break the bond between you and the substance you have been abusing. This is a necessary process where a physical addiction exists. For most people, detox should take place in a supervised facility as it minimises the risk of serious complications.


Rehab programmes take place in an inpatient or outpatient facility. Inpatient programmes are usually around six to eight weeks in length. However, if the patient has more complex needs, the length of stay can be longer. Outpatient programmes can run for many months to a year or longer. The aim of both types of rehab programme is to break the psychological addiction by identifying the root cause of the illness.


Aftercare programmes are designed to help recovering addicts stay sober after they have completed detox and rehab. This element of the recovery programme is provided by rehab clinics and local support groups within the community.

If you would like more information about rehab in Dunstable, please call Addiction Helper today. We are available 24-hours a day to take your call.

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